Saturday, February 06, 2016

The last series of "Look Up ... " (I promise!)

Yeah. This is will be the last series of "Look Up ... ". Seriously. Heh. For the time being.

1. Look Up ... Dhalsim!

2. Look Up ... Luigi!

3. Look Up ... Donatello!

More of "Look Up..." series

Presenting (I have fun really choosing the images to mash up to the Chay Yu Wei's 'artwork':

1. Look Up ... Naruto!

2. Look Up ... Ant-Man!

3. Look Up ... UFO!

Friday, February 05, 2016

of Chay Yu Wei and his genuinely fake "Look Up"

So I guess I am truly amused by the story. Heh. Inspired by the 'photographer' Chay Yu Wei and his 'artwork' called "Look Up", I decide to have a try at his creation by doing the followings:
1) delete his nicely positioned aeropolane,
2) invert his photo colours,
3) google for 'monkey' and choose an image
4) crop the image of the monkey
5) go to no 2) above and create a new layer
6) paste the crop image of 4) to the new layer in 5)
7) position the new layer (with the monkey in it) to the top of the ladder

VoilĂ ! Now you have it, and I'll opt to name it as "Look Up! The golden monkey shines so brightly on top of the ladder in the otherwise pitch dark of a night!" (Bleah, too wordy!)

The photographer behind an altered image that won a contest on Nikon's Facebook page has withdrawn his photo from the competition.

Nikon announced this on its Facebook page on Sunday (Jan 31) night after an apology and explanation drew more criticism from detractors.

The photo Look Up was also removed from Nikon's Facebook page.

The Japanese camera maker said it recognised that for the photographic community, the photoshopped image by Mr Chay Yu Wei was "not a reflection of photography".

Nikon said: "We have engaged with the contestant on this, who has offered to withdraw from the competition."

Mr Chay was awarded a prize for his black and white photo showing an aeroplane flying overhead, framed by a ladder. Scores of derisive comments and sarcastic memes were then posted on Nikon's page, with many saying the photo was digitally manipulated.

In an Instagram post late on Saturday (Jan 30), Mr Chay apologised for his "mistake", saying that he added the plane into the picture "just for fun" and that he crossed the line by submitting it for the competition.

"Like one user commented, I was on a photo walk in Chinatown and I chanced upon that set of ladders. I snapped a picture of it, and subsequently felt that a plane at that spot would make for an interesting point of view. Hence, I inserted the plane with PicsArt and uploaded it to Instagram," he wrote. "...This case, that small plane was just for fun and it was not meant to bluff anyone."

Mr Chay wrote that he made a mistake by not keeping the photo to Instagram, submitting it for Nikon's contest instead.

He said: "I crossed the line by submitting the photo for a competition. I meant it as a joke and I'm really sorry to Nikon for disrespecting the competition. It is a mistake and I shouldn't have done that.

"I also shouldn't have jokingly answered Nikon that I caught the plane in mid-air and should have just clarified that the plane was edited using PicsArt. This is my fault and I sincerely apologise to Nikon, to all Nikon Photographers, and to the photography community as general."

Many of the comments in reply to his Instagram post were positive, commending him for the apology.

"Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to admit or take responsibility for their action," autumnlotus8 wrote.

Adonisamarante said: "Hope you've really learned a lesson here, we all did. Now move on and take this as a boost to your strength and honesty."

Nikon had posted earlier on Friday (Jan 29): "Yu Wei chanced upon a set of ladders while on a photowalk with his friends in Chinatown, and thought the view above would make an interesting perspective. Little did he expect to catch an airplane in mid-air. We'll try looking up too, Yu Wei; your shot has won you a Nikon trolley bag. Congratulations!"

But Facebook users responding to the post said that the aeroplane had been photoshopped into the image.

Nikon's Facebook post had more than 28,000 likes and almost 20,000 shares as of 10.20pm on Saturday, and had generated more than 8,000 comments and spawned many memes.

Facebook user Glenn Guan posted: " Such a poor copy and paste by Yu Wei can win a Nikon trolley bag, my entry can win the new Nikon D5 with AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR. LOL !!! Nikon Singapore should do better in future judging."

He attached an image of Godzilla peering down from the top of the ladder.

Others replaced the plane with images such as an MRT train, James Bond and Darth Vader along with sarcastic remarks. Facebook user Michael Minion wrote: "I wasn't so lucky, I waited at the same spot and only found Supergirl flying past at Mach2 speed. Lucky my D4 had 10fps and I managed to get this shot."

Nikon responded to the comments at about 1.30pm on Saturday (Jan 30) on its Facebook page, and said that it will be "revisiting the contest’s rules and regulations".

Nikon said in the post: "We have taken in every feedback received, and we sincerely apologise for the oversight on our part. We are now in the process of carefully revisiting the contest’s rules and regulations, for the benefit of all our current NikonCaptures members. We will update everyone of the contest rules once we have revisited all of them."

The camera maker explained that the contest was a casual photography contest that focused not on the devices or props participants used, but on the imagination and creativity of their images.
From Straits Times, "Photographer whose viral altered photo won Nikon Facebook contest apologises for his 'mistake'".

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sunset as I walk home...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

"The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it."

I fall in love with Janice Heng. Yes. I am so entertained by her way of writing the article, "How the WP's NCMP motion was turned around by PAP". And her closing sentence of the article is just superb & aptly reflects to the irony of the situation: "The motion was passed - without those who had originally moved it." At first glance, the sentence does reek of paradox, doesn't it?

And all the drama is due to the Workers' Party candidate Ms Lee Li Lian who lost her Punggol East seat at the 2015 General Election, but had the highest vote percentage among the losing opposition candidates with 48.23 per cent of votes, making her eligible for an NCMP seat, but alas she declined to take up the position. She was once quoted to say: "Majority of the voters in Punggol East decided to not give me the mandate after 2.5 years, and we must respect this. The NCMP role is better suited for an aspiring MP who has no such experience and should take this up to show how he/she can contribute in Parliament".

I find it puzzling how she seems to conclude that a full-time MP cannot become a full-time NCMP. Whether you're an MP or an NCMP, if you are full time devoting your effort for the cause that you believe in, I reckon that is what really makes the difference. For me, Ms Lee Li Lian is being rather extreme in giving a limited choice to the voters, probably along this line (I doubt she uses Singlish, though): I can be only your full-time MP leh...and not your full-time NCMP. So ensure to vote for me to win hor, or else you don't see me in the political arena.

So the voters chose the 'or else...' and thus led to the latest episode on NCMP motion by WP which was passed without those who originally moved it.

'Cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar...Not!

PS. And now back to reading more of Janice Heng's articles. Told you I fall in love with her, didn't I?

Meisterstadt @ Batam (Fancy way to name the project as "The Champion City")

Thanks to Google Translate I now know what the project "Meisterstadt" means in English. It's a German word for "champion city". Hmmm. Check out the official website for more info. (If you understand the Bahasa Indonesia, you may want to check also this website

The company of former president BJ Habibie, who ruled Indonesia from 1998-1999, is set to built luxury apartments worth a total of US$1 billion (S$1.42 billion) in Batam.

The project, which features 11 towers of apartments, offices, hotel rooms and a hospital on a nine-hectare plot of land, aims to attract buyers from Indonesia's neighboring countries, particularly Singapore.

Work on the project, called Meisterstadt, will start in the middle of this year, Ilham Akbar Habibie, President Habibie's son and commissioner of his company, Pollux Habibie International, told at the project's launch in Batam on Saturday that the Meisterstadt superblock would be built in four stages.

"Initially, the plan to construct a hospital in the superblock was in the last will and testament of my mum (the late Ainun Habibie) it will be implemented in the third stage of this superblock's construction," said Ilham.

Pollux Properties Indonesia president commissioner Muladi, who was known as Habibie's right-hand man during the latter's presidential term, Batam Free Trade Zone Authority (BPK FTZ) head Mustofa Widjaja, Batam mayor Ahmad Dahlan and Meisterstadt Batam operational general manager Yosef Eduardus attended the ceremony.

Ilham said the property business in Batam was promising because the area was quite close to Singapore. The developer hoped Singaporeans would be the main buyers of the apartments.

"Singapore now has 5 million residents and it has continued to grow. We hope that we can benefit the country's population, particularly in the property sector," said Ilham.

He added: "It happened in Hong Kong in the 1950s, during which the region's population had flown to several provinces of the Chinese mainland near Hong Kong. We've now seen a similar situation in Guangdong, in which industries and businesses from Hong Kong have flown to the city.

"Such an effect will happen between Singapore and Batam."

Ilham said the company hoped that a third of the apartments in the superblock complex would be bought by foreigners while the remainder would be marketed to local buyers.

As many as 1,575 apartments in two of the towers, which will be built in the first stage of the construction project, have been booked by potential buyers with VVIP pass cards who attended the launch. In total, 1,874 VVIP pass cards were issued for the event.

Three sizes of apartments, namely 24.82 sq m, 42.51 sq m and 51.59 sq m, will be built in the first stage of construction from 2016 to 2019. Prices for the units start at Rp 400 million (S$41,618).

Batam mayor Ahmad said it was time for Batam to shift from landed to vertical housing due to its limited land.

"The land in Batam is very limited. For our urban planning, we have recommended residences with the tower or vertical building concept. From the business aspect, it is very prospective because many noted developers have built their projects here. It means they see a huge market potential here," said the Batam mayor.

Mustofa said the authorities need to accommodate the need for premium residential compounds in Batam.

"The growth of the number of Batam residents is the fastest in the world because of migration. To anticipate such a rapid growth, the Batam administration will also complement this city with toll roads and overpasses, which have been included in the national strategic project," he said.

"The toll roads and overpasses are aimed at anticipating traffic congestion in the next 10 years."
From Asiaone, "Indonesia's ex-President Habibie to build billion-dollar apartment project in Batam".

Well, the rationale seems sound alright as the project targets Singaporeans as the buyers. Nothing new. Recall the article last year about "Villas being built near Batam in lagoon with dolphins, developer eyes Singapore buyers" in which it says that "an Indonesian developer says Singapore buyers are showing keen interest in a project promising villas built over the sea, with dolphins at the residents' doorsteps. Batam-based developer PT Batam Island Marina and its Singapore investment partner Seven Seas FID are planning 64 villas, each shaped like a round bamboo hut and built around a lagoon with dolphins which residents can feed and play with."

Sorry if I digress, but try to google for "Seven Seas FID" and you'd come across to this page:

As per 31/01/16, it says that "SEVEN SEAS FID PTE. LTD. with Registration No.: 201418758Z was incorporated on 27 June 2014 (Friday) and as of 27 June 2014 (Friday) is a Live Limited Private Company. This Limited Private Company have been operating for 583 days."

OK. I don't know about you, but this rather short track record does not seem an assurance enough for me to look further about the property. Heh. With the same logic, I'd choose to scrutinize further about the developer of the Champion City Project (Meisterstadt) at Batam.