Friday, September 30, 2005

Annotation to Entry X.

For those critical readers:

- Although she started blogging since June 2003, the choice of my moniker was not inspired by her.

- I came across her redoubtable blog as I happened to be curious whether there were any other Anonymous X-s out there (yeah, I should have done this before—and not after—creating my site). I used Yahoo, I searched for “Anonymous X” and there she was, at Search Result No.6.

- Yup, admittedly I was inconsistent at first. Having a user name Anonymous_X, but showing Anonymous X in my profile. This has since been rectified.

Entry X. Enter: Anonymous X

Be observant and halt your jumping to conclusion. Notice the lack of underscore between Anonymous and X?

This article is therefore not about me. It is about a 26-year lady blogger from Canada whose sweet, captivating style of honesty is rather too much for me, although at the same time inexplicably compels me to check out her blog. Regularly.

Might be an alarming trend, huh? A blog-stalker. :-\ Sheesh…We are living in a sick world.

Anyway, here is the link to her blog (Have I told you that I’ve got her permission to let me write about her in this article? So no, courtesy is not yet extinct—even in this sick world. And yes, I’m practising it. I hope.)

Oh incidentally, she quoted in her Bio:

"There's something about my life. It's just automatically true that nothing actually happens."

I'll be really impressed if you know where that quote came from.

It’s from “My So-Called Life”, right? The voiceover of the character, Brian Krakow? So you’re impressed already?

Well, don’t be.
It’s not really that hard to hunt for that piece of information. ;-)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cinderella, Man!

It was a night of a clean fight. Literally.

Truly a magical evening when the washing machine adamantly refused to perform its job. Great! -- And here I was trying hard to hold on to that rare early-Sunday-feeling-documented-just-below-this-article.

I called the landlord. Hostility was stifling in the air. Well, understandably I guess if he was mad. It was 10.30 p.m. & he usually went to bed by that time.

He jabbered rapidly in Chinese. I maintained a blank, innocent look (Not difficult, especially when one doesn’t understand the language).

We tried many combinations of the push-buttons at the machine; it was of no avail. He left with anger. I left with the laundry.

A quick situational analysis:
a) to try to repair the washing machine with the risk of making it worse
b) to go & wash the laundry by hand.

To choose a), it’s a high-risk venture. I was tired. I was fed-up. And the only idea that I could think of to repair the machine was to glare at it menacingly with a hammer on my hand.

On the contrary, b) was definitely feasible. You just need two baskets of water. Add adequate detergent to one of the basket. Soak in the clothes. Use another basket for rinsing them.

Simple? Yes…but I totally forgot to assess one final, crucial task: drying the clothes. To wring them ain’t easy. Hey, it was a pile of them laundry, remember?

So I twisted & I squeezed. Cautiously. Didn’t want to injure my already fragile wrists. Long story. Don’t ask. x-(

Losing patience, I started punching the rinsed clothes.
My knuckles soon screamed in protest.

Persevere, man. Got to win this slugfest before you could go to sleep. End the job before the clock struck twelve. You know the ritual. A Maid Charming would be your just reward. After the perfunctory hug & kiss, she would then help you in washing the clothes. And before long, the laundry would be hung happily ever after.

Being sarcastic to your own self did have its use.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Return to Innocence - Not an Enigma.

What makes you feel good? And no, I don't mean the after-glow / blissful effect after one makes love with his/her loved one.

A little background is in order. It's been a long day working for me: 19 hours continuously. I should have felt lousy, shouldn't I?

I did.
For most of the day, in fact.

Couldn't even graciously accept the award given by Celia. (Lost? Go & click the link at the right side of the screen. There you go.)

However the feeling changed.

I just completed that project! The sense of accomplishment was intoxicating. At first. Soon, it was nothing compared to how I felt during the journey back at the boat.

Standing up proud, I felt so small.
Encircled by the grandness of the sea.
Embracing the passionate wind,
Being soothed by the cool drizzle.
Loving the feel.
Feeling the love.

A moment like this--
--I'm reminded that God does exist.[1]
A moment like this--
--I'm becoming one with Him.[2]
A moment like this--
--I'm truly alive.[3]

It's merely a 30-minute trip.
Yet I wish it's never ended.

[1] By God, I mean The Loving Highest Power who doesn't set rules & regulations on how we should live our lives. The Being who just wants us to be happy.
[2] Refer to 1.
[3] ...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Writer's Cut <- if such a term exists.

Ah...the pleasure of following-up & the ecstasy of being replied. :)

But really, kudos for NLB for being receptive to my feedback.

Take a look at how courteous the response is & how firm they insist that the copies at the Children section will stay there. (No point to waste our limited manpower to relocate those books, eh? Let's just scar those young minds for life.)

Our cataloguer has agreed that Jack London's The Call of the Wild is an adult book and will classified some editions of the title under Adult.

However, since the publication of the title in 1903, the story of Buck has appeal to children and is a perennial favourite among children. As such, many editions of the book published are specifically targetted at the children readers. The copies found in ____________ Community Library are the Puffin and Apple Classics editions, which are rewritten or packaged to appeal to the younger readers. Therefore, we will not place these copies in the Adult section.

Admittedly I never read The Call of The Wild - the Adult version. Perhaps, it is composed in much grimmer ways. Then again, if movies have a Director's Cut, it shouldn't be a surprise if books do have a Writer's Cut as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"...or God only a blunder of man?"

This could be a central question of American Gods. How inspiring Nietzche was to our modern authors indeed!

Okay, it may be just another farfetched correlation. I would like to think, though, that's how Neil Gaiman, the author, derived his idea.

By the way, here is the link to the list of gods which were featured in the novel.

Fictitious gods they may be...Me doubting as usual (so no thunderbolt, please?), but it's impressive how people in the past invented them.

What I very much wondered is who first initiated the concept of a God / Gods?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Confessions of a Mildly Dangerous Mind.

You wish!

In retrospect, the title is more rightly named as “How A Good Intention Goes Bad”.

These 3 keywords ought to remind me, should I face a similar situation in the future. They are: a friend, a quote, and a friend’s ex.

Doesn’t tell much, does it? Feel free to be puzzled...
...but try not to solve it.

Anyway, I’m trying to execute the Recovery Plan by inviting those two for a dinner. No reply yet. Some people could be just too ignorant regardless of me blatantly use of RSVP. *sigh*

Either that or they are into a waiting game (I can’t reply the invitation as I don’t want to be seen overly eager to meet). long as they’re not trying to dart me with an it-definitely-is-a-No hint. Boy, aren’t they gonna be petulantly surprised! – as I’ll just choose to send them a weekly follow-up email.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Three's a charm.

Since my first three articles have been completed, I’m thinking to take a break for a while. (Hey, I’m more a reader than a writer!)

Rest assured, though, that whatever little things I write about, I'll continue to do it with purpose & conviction. *cross fingers*

For example: those earlier entries are intended as a tribute for the three bloggers whose writing I read regularly. Bet you don't know about it, do you? Bet they don't, either.

And you still wonder why the links “And the nominees are:” are only recently provided?!


Update on 10 March 2006
As the links have been condensed into one & the list of those frequently visited blogs have been expanded, the 3 bloggers I'm referring in this article are--drum rolls, please--Sonic, Shakespeareheroine, and Ole'Wolvie.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

to heed & regret it: The Call of the Wild.

For the sake of trying to borrow this book yesterday, I had to endure the hostile look from some protective mothers.

The book is located at the J section of the library.


I approached one of the library staff for help. She told me that J is for Junior & it is part of the Children’s segment.

What a surprise! The Call of the Wild is for children’s consumption?!

The kids ignored me in their usual friendly manner. Their mothers glared. I just politely grinned (at the mothers), quickly took the book & retreated out of that forbidden place.

Note to self: Feedback to the National Library Board that this Jack London's is not a suitable reading for such a young group of readers. Gotta include the link to the Wikipedia about the book to support the argument. ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Over Analyze THIS!

A girl, A was confounded. She was told by a guy, for whom she cared, to stop doing so much for him. Let’s name him: B.

To organize some of the information from that particular post of her:
1. A wondered aloud why B did not tell her earlier.
2. A claimed that B stated that he was not ready to be tied down yet.
3. A frustratingly shouted at Heaven & asked why then B had gone around saying he wanted a girlfriend.

Other clues that were available from her earlier entries & considered relevant for the investigation:
- B is an extremely smart person. This is one of many reasons she fell over him. This is one of his many virtues that she kept mentioning, ad nauseam.
- B is likely one of her readers.

I will have to concede that two clues are not at all dubious. It is logical for one to be impressed by other’s intelligence & a blog is easily accessible by all.

About statement no.1:
He indeed could have told her earlier that he was not interested. True.

So he must have his own reasons not to do so.

Perhaps he wanted the girl to be honest to him and to stop playing this pointless game. Of course, A should have realized the dire consequence—as B could just choose to ignore her—if she were to continue employing this strategy (to shower care & attention to the guy, without telling him how she felt about him & praying that the guy’s heart melted & he eventually died of heart failure?).

How about statement no.2 & 3?
I’ll say that the guy was truly nice to willingly portray himself as stupid. He did so by giving an excuse that he was not ready to be tied down (if A’s claim were to be believed) that is very much contradictory with how he expressively wanted a girlfriend.

Confusing, yes?

He could have clubbed her senseless with his bludgeon of truth & shattered her self-esteem. He could have hurt her more. But he didn’t.

To A: please try to look at the situation that way & may your pain lessen.

P.S. The above analysis is obviously incomplete due to lack of data. Let's blame it on B. Heh.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Love at the

Thanks to Sonic who recommended “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman, I feel like a 28-year old falling in love all over again. No, really! (Check out my profile. I am 28)

So what is it about the book that deserves a mention in my first blog? After all, it is just a collection of short stories, which I usually dislike.

To be fair, I don’t actually go drooling over all of his short stories. Sure, the author is so original; he mischievously includes one story as part of Introduction (How many of us do read Introductions anyway?) But what I am impressed most are the very first and last of the stories.

The first story is titled “Chivalry”. It’s about an elderly widow who buys the Holy Grail at a second hand store. The hilarious part is when the knight in shining armour, Galaad, comes & tries to persuade the lady to give him the artefact. The puzzling part is at the end, when the lady visits the store again & almost purchases a “tarnished old silver container with a long spout”, identified as a lamp (Doesn't ring a bell), with “writings carved along the side in blocky old Chinese characters” (Ditto), and there was “a small metal ring tied to the handle of the lamp” (Waitaminute, a lamp + a ring = a lantern, a power ring = Green Lantern's? *grin* And to imagine that the old lady were to be one of the GL Corp, reciting the oath. Heh. I may be wrong, though. I fail to see how the Chinese characters relate to that lantern).

“Snow, Glass, Apples” is the last story of the book. It is based on the premise about what if the roles of good and evil of a certain fairy tale are reversed. The idea may be originated from the typical description of Snow White as in “her lips redder than blood; her skin, snow white". Perhaps it is not about beauty that the quoted statement is trying to convey. Perhaps it is about something sinister that forces the Queen to have her huntsmen to cut her step daughter's heart out & leave her to die in the forest.

Now to go home & continue enjoying his other book: American Gods.