Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What the ???

That's how I reacted when I watched the last Saturday episode of Legend of Arching Hero (She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan).

Quite amusing to watch how the protagonist, Guo Jing (GJ) firmly refused to annul his engagement with the Mongolian princess even though the one whom he loved was Huang Rong (HR).

He publicly stated it in front of the two ladies, HR's infuriated father, GJ's Mongolian archery teacher, GJ's Mongolian sworn brother, and GJ's six teachers who would definitely wish to be somewhere else fighting some scumbags than to have to witness such a pathetic drama.

Huang Yao Shi--btw, he's the father of HR--being angry was understandable. Afterall, how could GJ propose her daughter despite he'd already been betrothed to the princess?!

GJ was also superbly adamant with his 'logic':
1. He was taught that it was wrong to break a promise and he had promised to marry the princess.
and (or but?)
2. He only had HR in his heart.

What the ???

I really wondered why the two ladies did not just join hands to kill that indecisive guy. Oh wait, they couldn't. It's not in the script.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

(not really an) Aching Hero...

...coz I didn't feel any pain when I finally finished my very first 50,000-word novel. Okay, maybe not yet. :-)

Well, this article is supposed to be published on 01 Dec, but what the heck, I want to celebrate it now! Heh.

*savouring the intoxicating sensation of accomplishment*

Uhm, returning to Earth now, in retrospect with what I wrote in "My Game Plan" article. I've indeed got to be kidding if I aimed to complete the novel by following the plan closely.

Only the first three days of the month were spent for brainstorming as planned. The next few days? Well, some days I did not write. And some days, I typed in a manner that was both fast & furious (but without sexy cars involved) which was not good coz the next day I would find my wrists painful.

The challenge admittedly was not to type fast or to consistently write every day, but to stay in the path of the outlines that I set earlier. Many times, the characters started to deviate from the outlines and boy, it was so tempting to see how the story could evolve thereafter. But more often than not, it led me nowhere and I had to impassively delete the words and retraced back the story as per the original idea.

Still it was lotsa fun.

To the rest of participants: All the best! Don't give up. Be careful with how you type--something that has got to do with ergonomic, but I am not the best person to advise you as I myself must be typing in wrong posture too.

Oh lastly, trust me when I say that you will WANT to see your novel completed. ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day 2 of The Dreamless Month

I’ve followed closely the strategy that I spelt out in the "My Game Plan" article. I’ve been unravelling the plot into sub-plots and organizing them into chapters. I’ve called forth (I'm on my knees begging, more like it) the characters & their significance to the story has been clearly defined.

The structure of the novel has been moulded as well.

I’m doing okay—if by okay, I mean that my progress is as per the schedule that I earlier set—as long as I remember that I race against myself and not with others. (Dasugi, pls take note, will ya?) ;)

Now I am tempted to start typing the story. But again, haste makes waste, doesn't it? Of course, the critical me will just snigger & accuse that would it not be due to my laziness that should be the real reason behind it?

Nah, I just want to respect my schedule.
Yeah, that's it. If & when I finish ahead of the target date, I'll just do something fun to reward myself.

To sleep will be a considerable reward.
Or to meet with that certain someone. ;p

Hey, so I'm uncharacteristically honest & (hopefully) annoyingly vague.
So what? *shrug*

PS. And thus ended, my first & last post of the month.