Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Single Lynx for Links

Time to do a little bit housekeeping on this site. Let me start by creating a leaner group of links that shall comprise all sites that I visit regularly.

Here we go, the frequently-visited blogs. The “nominees” (for the sake of staying faithful to one of my earlier articles) are:
1. Anonymous X (note the lack of an underscore) with “Anonymous X
2. Sonic with his “Scratchpad
3. Sarah Lee: "leemeixia's Comic Journal"--update on 23.09.06
4. Ole’wolvie: “The no brand blog
5. Buttercup: “Feel Like Taking A Breather and Have Some Life, Dear?”
6. Sentosa: “Sentosa.. not an island but a human
7. Dasugi: “Inane Mundanity

The above list is not exhaustive. And arranged in no particular order. Except for the obvious Female-Male-Female-Male pattern which I swear is purely coincidental. *grin*

PS: Proud to say that I manage to resist the temptation to set the title of this article as "One link to rule them all".

Update on 31.03.06 (& continually revised as the blogger incessantly renames her site.)
8. Jadeite: burnt sugar, israeli sunrise, a thousand miles, flutterby, love/fiction, : nighttime kisses :, “sprouts and pouts

Update on 20.05.06
9. Angie Bern: "my restless journey continues..." and her MOTM's "Touched By The Angel"--update on 25.11.06
10. KaiRiNu: "K for Komplexity..."
11. The Imp: "Faerie Land"

Update on 17.02.07
12. Wei: "Shane+Wei"
13. Mann: "Life of Mann"
14. (Not a blog - but an online graphic novel) NYC2123

Update on 10.11.07
15. (Ditto) Comic Strips on The First Post

Update on 10.12.08 (what?? it's been more than 1 year since I last updated this list?!)
16. Verine (And this one is a blog): My LifE BoX - A Malaysian live in Ireland
17. An autobiographical novel by talented Troy Chin in The Resident Tourist in "drearyweary | online playground of troy chin".

Update on 07.06.10 (hey, this one takes almost 2 years to update?)
18. 17 Sensational, Free and Downloadable Graphic Novels


sonic said...

hm, the FMFMFMF was not immediately obvious to me...

SparklingRain said...

Ohoho so this is why suddenly I have a lot more new visitors. By "a lot" I mean three new visitors, actually. Which is about 50% raise from my usual 7 visitors per month. :D

Anonymous_X said...

sonic: Sleep deprivation (finally) affects your thinking, huh? ;)

peaceful: Wait till you receive the bill, girl. Heh. :>

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm #1. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous_X said...

Riiight. :p