Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recommended Books:

This particular article shall be continually updated. By 'recommended' it doesn't necessarily mean that I've read the book(s). Therefore, please refrain from posting comments that spoil the storyline. Heck if I know how to disable 'comments' for this entry, I'll do just that.

By the way, this article would be made as a permanent link. Yeah, an old idea. Did that once for the Link compilation. The slight difference (improvement?) would be that one image--a sample of the Recommended Books--would be attached underneath the text. That would provide me inexhaustible chance to play with different artworks as the image would be periodically changed. Perhaps...weekly?

1. Update on 27/07/06.
Left to Right: Fables Vol. 1-3. Legends in Exile, Animal Farm, and Storybook Love.

2. Update on 30/07/06.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.1 and Vol.2

3. Update on 30/07/06.
Smoke and Mirrors - An anthology of short stories. Don't forget to read the Introduction for one 'hidden' story. Mentioned about it once.

4. Update on 31/07/06.
The Warlord Chronicles I-III. The Winter King, Enemy of God, and Excalibur. Briefly wrote about these historical fictions once here.

5. Update on 01/08/06.
Pastwatch The Redemption of Christopher Columbus and Lost Boys. Haven't blogged about the former. The latter, though, is poignantly haunting.

6. Update on 01/08/06.
The Call of the Wild - Always a favourite. One of the earlier topics for this blog [1], also revisited later twice.[2 & 3]

7. Update on 15/08/06.
By the King of Horror: Insomnia, Needful Things, and It. Only wrote a tad about It.

8. Update on 15/08/06.
Supreme Power Vol.1 and Vol.2

9. Update on 15/08/06.
Treasure Box - which I vaguely remember there's a movie made out of it.

10. Update on 23/09/06
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, Watchmen, and Hellblazer: Original Sins. Blogged about the first two here.

11. Update on 23/09/06
Who Moved My Blackberry? and Ender's Game which were reviewed here and here respectively.

12. Update on 23/09/06
The Man Who Turned Into Himself

13. Update on 16/11/06
Marvel 1602, V for Vendetta, and Flight, Vol.3.

14. Update on 16/11/06
Q&A: A Novel and High Fidelity.

15. Update on 16/11/06
Epileptic. Reviewed here.

16. Update on...


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believe it or not, i was just thinking of doing something like this on my site too. But more DC n Marvel stufff...haha

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well, do share some of your favourite graphic novels then. heh.

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