Monday, August 28, 2006

Dragon Tiger Gate-crashed

Despite many warnings of not to watch this show, I finally did. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The show was too short (about 90 minutes?) and thus was not sufficient to let audience appreciate about the characters. And by characters, I don't mean only the good guys, but also the bad ones.

The producer should have more confidence. Why can't the show be made like The Lord of The Ring trilogy with each has about 3 hours?

With the story follows closely to the graphic novel *ehm*, I'm sure the audience will be able to enjoy it. Take a look at this site. It has quite a summary of what the movie was supposed to show. Sigh. No, the movie doesn't have that 'bun mountain' contest. :(

If it were to be made a three-hour-each trilogy, the first part could focus about the heroes' adventures in Hongkong & China. The second: Korea. The third: Japan. The fourth: Thailand. So what do you call a four-part trilogy anyway? It's an Epic.

Equality of sexes?!

Don’t make me laugh. We’re way too early for that concept. We’re just not ready.

Strangers don’t treat strangers, let alone doing it during their first date. What is more, on blind dates. You don’t impress others with your money. You don’t earn their friendship with buying them stuff. Pathetic.

Thus I was snickering when I came across this article. Especially with the ever innocent comment of Ole’wolvie (Thinking to set up a, bro? With a term of condition: the participants must go Dutch throughout their first gaming & dinner sessions. Cheapskates or freeloaders do not need to apply).

Not to advocate that in relationships, the couple must go Dutch all the way. Puh-leaze! Treating the special one is one of myriad ways to convey that he or she is special. Nothing’s wrong with it. The keywords are “treating the special one”. The terribly wrong part is treating a stranger during the first date. “I don’t know you. I never see you. But do not let that small details prevent me to mislead myself that you are special & thus do allow me to treat you during our first date, o beautiful stranger.” Yeah right.

Now I’m not saying that the dating site recommended in the above article will not work. It may work. Guys can register for the dating service & use it as a filter to identify girls who do not insist to pay for the tickets themselves. Such girls can then be swept aside with disgust concealed with a polite smile when they part their way after the shows.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who Moved My Blackberry?

The title was what pulled me to pick up this book & then decided to borrow it from a library. Written by Lucy Kellaway, the novel has me hooked from the beginning to the end, anxious to witness what happens to the central character, the Marketing Director named Martin Lukes. The style of the book is unique. It is all in the form of e-mails, sent by this Lukes guy (mostly) and by his life coach Pandora (regularly).

Lukes is portrayed as one who’s so obsessed about himself that he thinks the world rotates around him. Sounds familiar, huh? No wonder he fails to see how he fails as a decent human being.

He exaggerates his achievement (remember the re-branding project?), quick to claim credits that belong to others (his Personal Assistant seems to do all the job!) & even quicker to blame others when things turn out bad (take a look at the part when the Chairman steps down in disgrace due to the insider trading scandal and how Lukes nimbly claims to be the whistleblower).

His criteria for promotion & recruitment seem to emphasize on physical, instead of legitimate qualifications. He promotes an attractive subordinate as a marketing manager & gets ‘physical’ with her to the extent that she requests to be demoted to another department. He recruits an attractive Personal Assistant and yes, he gets ‘physical’ with her too. (Not to say that I’m personally against office romance. But a line must be drawn somewhere concerning office romance when one is already married. And Lukes is.)

He is married with two kids. While the young one is doing well in his school, the older isn’t. Lukes’ relationship with his sons is not good. In fact in one incident, he believes the older steals his blackberry & starts sending nasty one-liners messages to his colleagues.

The book is a satire. You almost can’t help feel annoyed and amused at the same time. Readers of Scott Adam’s comic strip “Dilbert” will easily associate which character that Lukes can be modeled from.

Some may even point out the almost similarity of the title with “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. Yes, both books deal about change in your work and in your life. But Lucy Kellaway’s “Who Moved My Blackberry?” is undoubtedly more amusing & easier to relate with.

There is always a Lukes in each company. Reading this book will give you an insight how to best deal with him (patience is a must!) and will serve as a warning not to let greed, lust, and self-importance transform you to be another Lukes.

PS. As per today, there are 46 of “Who Moved My Blackberry?” in the Singapore libraries. Check their availability here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I guess he can--I guess he will

I was reading this article and I can't decide whether to laugh or to luff. No, I won't definitely go to the extent to suggest that the workshop is a naff idea. In fact, I completely agree with the author that some professional training perhaps is overdue to help steering bloggers away from troubles.

But somehow I can't help to wonder whether Mr. Ang Peng Hwa, who will carry out the half-day "Workshop on Blogging and the Law" on 26 August, is also a blogger himself. (If he is, then I humbly apologize [1]. I blame my jumping the gun for the insufficient information that the article says about the workshop. You see, if it were to be stated clearly that the person who shall conduct the workshop is also a blogger, he would have been seen to be more credible & appealing to us the overly critical, nitpicking readers/bloggers/potential customers to attend the workshop.)

And somehow this tune is playing in my mind. Hazard a guess from which song it is quoted, will you? [2] Heh.

They say I gotta learn, but nobody's here to teach me
If they cant understand it, how can they reach me?
I guess they can't -- I guess they won't
I guess they front; that's why I know my life is outta luck, fool

[1] Hey, should I be invited [3], I'll be more than willing to attend the workshop & to even write about it. I'm confident I can give a fair assessment like how I did for the "Face & Destiny" seminar. More about it here.

[2] The title & the complete lyric of the song.

[3] Arrogance aside, I always see myself more as a reader [4] & not as a blogger.

[4] Yeah, yeah. Soon to be a published writer too. But that's altogether another story.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Great music; not so great storyline

Tried out the Pencak Silat, a Flash game. Came across it from Sonic's blog. No, nothing tastelessly showy about game. The background music is soothing (Don't ask why a soothing tone is used for a fighting game), but the plot is too predictable.

Okay, maybe my expectation is unreasonable.

It's a simple game that one can easily win to the end by concentrating only on the space bar to attack. Stand still. Let the opponent approach. At the right time, press the button repeatedly till he's knocked out. And no, my player fought barehanded although that's because I forgot which buttons to press to activate the weapons.

Here are the closing sequences.

PS. 'pengembara' is my player's name. It's an Indonesian word for 'wonderer' 'wanderer' (to Sonic: thanks for the correction).

An elusive title--

referring to the previous article--for the second movie "The Blair Witch Project". Couldn't accept that the poster does not mention a title anywhere. Rather irked that it just seems doesn't fit with the other 2 shows whose titles are prominently displayed.

So I tried to 'negative' the image.

Ah, now we could see it. Somewhere in the middle of the poster. Why makes it so hidden, I wonder. No, I don't think it's for the purpose of subliminal advertising.

Get Lost (and other movies)

Behold...Season 1 & 2.

The latter DVD would be released on 5 Sept 2006. The covers are cool, huh? Moreover the content. Sigh.

Just a reminder for myself. Will not want to miss having the DVDs in my hand.

Now what other shows I intend to have one day? Memento would be the first on the list, followed by The Blair Witch Project and Sliding Doors.

Didn't manage to watch the three movies. Only saw partially The Blair Witch Project. The concepts are interesting. Memento--needless to elaborate, it's highly recommended by my ex-roomie. The Blair Witch Project--unique with its documentary & appealingly amateurish style of videoshooting. Sliding Doors--curious about how the 2 what-if scenarios are presented.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Add an ad.

Spread the word. Help us to prove that "our writing industy ain't dead yet"! (okay, apparently my creative juice is running dry. That was the title of my past article)

Get the book. Indulge in the excerpts of talented & persevering Writers who once during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last year shared the same goal--some may say 'madness'--of accomplishing a 50,000-word fiction in one month.

Attend the book launch. Don't miss it. Buy the book too! Ought to be in limited edition & if you buy during the book launch, the writers will autograph it along with their hp nos. Heh. This may just be a rumour (the hp, not the autograph part).

Don't you wonder how the Writers are in person? Read their short bio. See yourself whether they're really different a species. Or is it despite the 'madness', they're just like you, o buyers? And if they could conjure a novel by the end of Nov, why can't you?

Hey, you may even write better. But to be able to justify that statement, you must write after reading the book that you buy. :-)

Presenting...The RejeX

Or the rejects. You know. Those featured in "Made in India"? Yup, this was definitely one of those songs I mention previously.

Long forgotten. But memorable. Especially when I don't understand what the song is about. No, I doubt it will have something to do about promoting a sense of patriotism by buying merchandises made in India. Local goods are always the best, huh?

Anyway, getting a friend to translate the Hindi lyric. Will post it asap. Till then, enjoy the video music.

A little bit unrelated, but I just have to mention about this. Quoted from the song:

Dekhi hai saari duniya, Japan se leke Russia
Australia se leke America

I could be wrong. But I suspect the Hindi word 'duniya' means 'world'. It fits the context (with the names of the countries). Moreover 'duniya' sounds exactly like 'dunia'--the Indonesian for 'world'. Oh well, let's just wait till I get the translated lyric.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

They've never been to them...

Then again, who have?

I'm pretty confident I mentioned about this song once to Angie (busy schooling, eh? have fun). In one of our v-e-r-y rare phone conversations (heh. and whose mistake is that? told you to wire up your fort of solitude with a phone. but nooo...someone's so stubborn!), I did ask what "I've never been to me" was supposed to mean.

Anyway, I was working late yesterday. No big deal. After surviving 3 sleepless nights once (yeah, allow me to gloat a bit), I didn't mind to work late. Alone. Me. The Project. And music from at the background.

It allowed my mind to wonder to the past. About songs long forgotten. (Uhm, for this article the song, "I've never been to me" is not really that long forgotten.)

Out of curiousity, I searched for the song. Came across one sung by Charlene. (Top left image). Check it out, the beginning of the video music is already cute with the voiceover telling that she's "a bit nervous" & she "doesn't like the balloons". Indeed. The way she sent the balloon flying away with a shy smile on her face--endearing, isn't it?

I also noticed there's one in Chinese. Didn't recognize the singer. Is she Vivian Chow like what written in the Wikipedia article about the song? Didn't understand a single word. But the way it's delivered in Cantonese is sure pleasant to hear.

Links: the song in English [1] & Chinese [2].

Monday, August 14, 2006

Your destiny is on your face.

It may be so. But from what I understand from the seminar “Face & Destiny”, it doesn’t mean that doom & fortune are absolute & inevitable.

Yes, “Face & Destiny” seminar. Managed to get the (free) ticket after reading and following up on Cowboy Caleb’s article in Yes, I was a skeptic. In fact, I felt kind of relief that until last Thursday, I had not received any letter consisting of the ticket. You see, I was planning to go to the NLB sale at Singapore Expo on Sunday morning & like the rest of enthusiastic bibliophiles, I’d like to be part of the early queue. Kiasu? Perhaps. But I’d be stupid to ignore the tips given by the Straits Times, Life section about how best to get the books.

But on Friday, someone called me & told me the procedure on collecting the ticket. Okay, fine. I decided to attend the talk. Worst come to worst, I’ll always be able to leave half-way during the break (They should have breaks, shouldn’t they? The seminar’s scheduled from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.). And then, I could go to take a look at the chaos at Singapore Expo.

I was wrong. I was hooked. The speaker, Mr. Joey Yap was fascinating. He started the speech by explaining the purpose of face reading. Nihilists may pop in & suggest that by knowing the person’s destiny, Life wouldn’t be worth living as everything was already pre-destined & that we’re just Destiny’s pawn. It’s not so. My impression was that by knowing what may happen, we’d be more prepared. Isn’t it obvious? Well, people are often not doing the obvious stuff, aren’t they?

Thus I was not in defensive mode trying to mentally counter the speaker’s point with logic & sarcasm. I was in my student mode. I paid attention. I took note. And I was not the only one doing so. The lady beside me did the same too. Although she was much more prepared by bringing her mirror to immediately ‘read’ her eyes, ears, brows, mouth and nose (these features are named “Five Officers”). I never knew that a face could make a good book. Beside “Five Officers”, they have “Twelve Palaces”--each governs for example career, wealth, marriage & travel.

On the first break, I stopped being a student & started observing the crowd. I wondered whether there would be people sneaked out (like what I myself planned if I found the seminar just a waste of time). In a quick glance across the room, I still saw the seats were fully occupied. In rough estimation, there were 800 – 900 people in the room.

As usual, time flies when you enjoy what you’re doing. Despite the title of the seminar, it also briefly covered “bazi” or “8 characters”. Which confused and intrigued me because I don’t know my bazi. As the lady beside me took out a piece of paper with her bazi, I came to realize that I attended the seminar with a poor preparation (in my defence, there’s nowhere mentioned that the audience ought to bring such a thing). By the way, you can check your "8 characters", though at Go to “Tools” & choose “Bazi Ming Pan Calculator”.

I won’t consider myself as a convert but I find that many strongly believe in this as how I witnessed the crowd’ reaction & if Face Reading is somewhat good to them, so be it. For sure, I could say I had a good time getting to know this new art & interesting enough to make me call my mother to ask what time I was born. That's one piece of information that I don't have if I were to try the above calculator.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Puzzle of the Day

Not a Test. With regards to the previous article, I don't know how to have the image of the cat shown without that light grey border. Is there any way not to have a border just for that specific image without changing the template for the whole articles? Thanks.

Update on 07/09/06
Still not solved. Bleah. Decided to change the whole template instead. To be specific, from 1px to 0px for the following part:

post img {
margin:0 0 5px 0;
border:1px solid #ccc;

Night Scene Mode - Unedited

Taken on 08/08/06 after the performance. Overall, not really that satisfied because I didn't manage to fully capture the extent of lighting of the Esplanade's durian-like rooftop. However the result was still better should I compare to the same image shot using an "Auto" mode.

Now this one, though, I'm very much satisfied. Heh. It's taken also on 08/08/06 on my way back home. It's almost midnight & I was feeling happy--or crazy, coz on the next day, a public holiday (damn!) I'd still need to go working.

So I saw this stray & with what I'd fancy as a blur of movement, I took out my camera. Approaching the target, I coaxed the feline with some gibberish & CLICK! I've got it. Heh. Except for the oval "crop", I didn't do further touch-up especially not for the colours. Like best about the eyes; ready with the optic blast, huh?

Other 'night scene mode' articles: here, here, and here. Yeah, I'm definitely hooked with this particular setting.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The National Din Parade 2006

For a performance that was only about 1 hour, I was surprised that I didn't feel cheated.

Had reserved a doubt whether I could enjoy it. Jazz? A capella? Rustic, me. No way could I appreciate that kind of music.

Moreover this was sort of a last minute program. I disliked such arrangement. Well, usually.

Anyway I gave it a try. Always (try to) open to new stuff. Thus I tried to get the tickets through SISTIC. Bleah. Sold out. Not a surprise, it's a last minute kind of thing. Refused to give up, I suggested to the person I went with that perhaps, there would be last minute cancellations.

I was right--there were cancellations. And I was wrong--I did have a good time enjoying the performance. I wish, though, that I had paid more attention about the song titles. Except for the uproarious rendition of Copacabana, I didn't recognize the rest.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nite Mare

The 'fragment' used earlier for Icy Dark Phoenix was employed again for this one.

While the Icy Dark Phoenix was mostly edited without retaining the element of the original image, the above Nite Mare was a result of combining the original artwork & the edited version derived from it.

First, about the original artwork. You've got to see it! From the Net, it could be found here. Thanks to the artist, Kim Minko for giving me the permission to 'play' on her already stunning Nite Mare--or Demon Stallion as she chose to name it.

It's already stunning. Hmm...I said that, didn't I? Heh. I wondered, though, how the image would look like if the horse were to be shot using a camera with a slow shutter speed. To freeze the flow of the movement.

So I used Kim's work & the one I edited. The latter was the original that went through 'water-colour' & 'graphic pen' (courtesy of Microsoft Photo Editor) as well as 'blur effects: fragment' (of Serif PhotoPlus). Copy the original as a new layer onto the edited one & vary the 'opacity level'. 'Merge' all the layers & export it as a jpeg file. With Microsoft Photo Editor, 'soften' it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Look at him, he is old, but he's happy.

Reading this article about Billy Graham during my lunch time after forwarding all the LOST emails to a certain someone (a hint for a future entry should I ever run out of ideas) somehow nudged me to recall about a song about the conversation between an elder and a young man. In particular the part where the former told the latter, "Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy."

Didn't even remember the title, but that piece of information was sufficient for nailing the right song. It's "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens. The two images were from the video music, available here. Touch-up keywords: crop, brightness/contrast. And yes, I too think that the kid is a girl, not a boy. The contrasting of age & gender fits nicely, though.

That article on Billy Graham also drew from memory a book, "Tuesdays with Morrie". Got to know about the book after it's mentioned by the blogger/journalist (blognalist?) Yvonne in her blog.

The article, the song & the book really intrigue me. Is wisdom rightly associated with age? Or does wisdom spring forth from realizing that you can't do a damn thing to make things better & hey, just accept them the way they are?

Anyway I have yet to meet a person about whom I can point out, "Look at him, he is young, but he's happy."

Monday, August 07, 2006

050806 - Lost (Season 2) Summary / Spoiler

Previously on Lost: here.

Part 1. Flashback on Rose

Along with Bernard. The flashback had Bernard helping Rose to move her car out of the snow. They then introduced themselves & as Bernard left towards his car, Rose asked him out for a coffee. Life is much better if a girl stops being lazy & starts taking an initiative. In fact, it is as the next scene showed Bernard asking Rose to marry her. They had been dating for five months. Yet it's sweet to hear Bernard saying he had been convinced Rose's the one after the first five minutes.

Rose was dying, though. Of cancer. (?) She had only about 1 year.

The persistent Bernard refused to be deviated from the topic & insisted Rose to answer his question. Would she marry him? It’s a YES.

Bernard later brought Rose to Australia to meet a faith healer. Rose was outraged at first but willing to give it a try because Bernard meant well. The healer explained how it worked. There were some places with a mysterious energy. Where they were was one of such places. He could channel the power to heal people. With a nice little disclaimer of: “when possible”. He tried, but he admitted he couldn’t help Rose. He seemed genuine enough as he offered to return the money donated by Bernard. Rose refused and told that she would say to Bernard that she’s healed.

In the airport, Rose was sitting by herself. A bottle of medicine fell from her bag & a person in a wheelchair picked it up. He gave it to Rose. That person was Locke.

Part 2. The Island

Bernard was upset at how the rest of survivors were content staying in the Island. He started a group to create a big SOS on the beach. The group soon dwindled as Bernard was not a good motivator. He failed to recruit Mr. Eko & Charlie (they were busy to build a church. Yes, that ‘something’ in the earlier article referred to a place of worship). And to recruit Sawyer was equally futile (Sawyer just made fun of the poor guy. Heh)

Bernard blamed it on Rose who earlier accused Bernard (in private) that he’s giving them a false hope. He expected that at least, Rose supported him.

They soon reconciled as Rose told him the truth that she’s not healed by the faith healer, but the Island did the miracle. Bernard understood her fear that if they left the Island, her sickness would recur. He vowed that they would stay on in the Island.

The fact that the Island may have a healing factor power was not only realized by Rose. The other person was Locke.

Locke was enjoying the scenery on the beach after much frustration trying to recall the symbols that he saw on the door during the lockdown/Locke’s-down episode.

Rose approached him & asked how his injured legs’ condition. When Locke told her it would take weeks to heal, Rose smilingly commented they both knew it wouldn’t take that long.

(Now I wonder whether the same phenomenon applied to Jin in this episode which resulted in Sun Kwon pregnant.)

Meanwhile Jack was going with Kate to the place where they encountered the bearded man (the One of the Others in this 080606 episode). He planned to trade Gale with Walt. What about Michael? Good riddance. Seemed he had been written off.

No such luck. It was late at night when a torch was seen approaching. The bearer fell & it’s revealed to be Michael.

To be continued...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

This one is not a clear story, though.

Yup, definitely not like Hazard. [1]

A Whiter Shade of Pale was a song that caused the video music choreographers stupefied. Must admit this as a recyled topic. Wrote my amazement about it last time. [2]. In fact, my 50,000-novel during the NaNoWriMo 2005 was divined by its strange lyric. Way to promote the novel, man! With the expense of this particular article. *sneer*

Not to say that I didn't derive any pleasure of doing that. Of weaving the story out of the song. Heh.

Okay, one topic at the time. This article is meant to briefly compare A Whiter Shade of Pale with the earlier Hazard. To be specific, in term of how the video music for the songs was done.

The video music & the lyric of Hazard are complementary to each other. Those of A Whiter Shade of Pale aren't. None of the video musics of the latter was trying to support the lyric. There are no sense of unity between the audio & the visual.

Take a look at the original one released by Procol Harum. Except the usual setting of a band playing, there were snippets on war (Vietnam War?) included. Or the version delivered by Annie Lennox. Equally perplexing with the chosen venue of a circus. And let's not discuss about the one by Sarah Brightman. Not only was the nuance of the song corroded by the introduction of that annoying techno (it just doesn't work!), but also the video clip showed it's staged on the moon! *groan*

Three renditions of the same song with different choice of venue: a war, a circus arena, and the moon. Well, at least two of them are very much enjoyable. From the pictures posted here, you could guess which versions they are.

270706 - Lost (Season 2) Summary / Spoiler

Previously on Lost: here.

Part 1. Flashback on Hurley

It’s revealed that Hurley’s mom putting him in a hospital because he had been depressed after causing two people killed in the past. Something about how he went to a deck that was already overload & made it collapsed.

No, nothing like Hurley smashed the puny deck. He thought it’s because he’s overweight & after that accident, he punished himself by not doing anything, but eating.

The doctor tried to encourage him to feel positive about himself. A fellow patient, Dave, however, did the reverse. He instigated Hurley to stop taking his medication & to escape together.

One of the two noteworthy scenes is a fellow patient playing a boardgame (?) with Hurley while muttering all Those numbers, the creepy 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. (The other scene would be revealed in the end of this article.)

In one of the consultation sessions, the doctor made it clear to Hurley that Dave was not real. He’s just an imaginary friend. The doctor showed the picture taken by him earlier—supposedly there were Hurley and Dave in the picture sitting side by side—but the photo showed only Hurley.

At night, Dave woke Hurley up. It’s time for their great escape. Well, at least for Dave. As Hurley refused to leave & locked Dave outside. Although Dave argued that the doctor might have doctored the photo, Hurley decided to believe that Dave was imaginary.

Or was he?

Part 2. The Island

The episode started with Hurley & Libby jogging at the beach. Hurley confessed to Libby that he had been selfish as he hid a portion of food from the Hatch. In this particular episode, the audience had been left to believe that he had shared all the food to the group.

As he felt bad about keeping the food just for himself, Libby advised him to discard them. Hurley did so & he looked exhilarated. Not for long, as the news about the new package of food had just been dropped reached him. He looked haunted & vehemently refused to be in charge of distributing the food when Charlie nominated him.

As he watched the commotion happening—the survivors grabbed the food despite Sawyer’s protest—he noticed Dave grinning at him.

He ran after him, but he fell. The only thing he found was Dave’s slipper.

In the Hatch, Jack treated Locke’s wounded leg. He estimated a couple of weeks would be needed till Locke could walk again.

Locke suspected something was not right with “Henry Gale” as Gale could have escaped & left Locke alone in the Hatch when the door trapped his legs. Jack commented that Gale might have thought his map leading to the balloon was good enough. Perhaps he didn’t expect that Sayid would undig the grave.

Sayid & Ana-Lucia meanwhile were interrogating Gale. Gale told them that the real Henry was already found dead when his balloon was stranded. Sayid proved Gale’s story wrong as the last message scribbled in the real Henry’s piece of dollar stated. That message was addressed to the real Henry’s wife.

Sayid took a gun & demanded in the 3 counts that Gale told him everything about the Others. On the count of 3, he really shot towards Gale, but deflected by Ana-Lucia. Gale was safe.

Charlie brought a wooden pallet of the dropped food to Mr. Eko who was building something. Plenty logs there. Charlie agreed to lend him a hand.

Hurley walked in the jungle by himself. Dave appeared. Hurley refused to acknowledge Dave (he’s imaginary after all). Dave threw a coconut to him. Hurley ran after him, but he came to the place where Mr. Eko & Charlie were busy working on ‘something’. They didn’t see Dave.

Hurley was afraid that he’s out of his mind & approached Sawyer for some medicine. Apparently Hurley didn’t know that all medicine had been won by Jack in the last episode.

He told Sawyer that he had been seeing things. Sawyer made fun of him as if to give the impression that Sawyer could see Dave too. Yeah, almost like what happened to Kate & her black horse in this episode. Where Sawyer admitted that he too witnessed what Kate suspected was a mere hallucination.

Anyway, Hurley snapped & tackled Sawyer. Jin looked amused but he helped separating Hurley from Sawyer. Hurley decided to stay away from the group & to go to one of the caves. Libby tried to prevent him by he’s determined to leave.

When he was walking in the jungle, his bag was torn & the peanut butter he carried was all over the ground. He started to scoop the butter & devoured it. Gross. The audience was relieved when Dave suddenly appeared & stopped that appalling scene.

Dave asked Hurley whether he had his slipper with him. Hurley returned it to him & they started talking. Dave tried to convince Hurley that he was still in the hospital. That he was in coma & all these were just a dream.

At first Hurley refused to believe, but Dave pointed out the incredible coincidences about Hurley winning a lottery using the numbers he got to know from the fellow patient (yeah, yeah, those 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 again) and how those numbers followed him in the island (the codes which were to be keyed-in every 108 minutes).

Dave also emphasized that only in a dream that Libby would fall in love with Hurley.

That clinched it. Hurley began to trust that he was still in the hospital. He followed Dave to a cliff & Dave told him the key to snap from his coma was to jump to the sea.

Dave led by an example. Jumping backwards & laughing all the way till a splash was seen far below.

In the Hatch, Locke went to the armory & talked to Gale. Gale admitted that he never pressed the buttons & that the counter was just reset to 108 by itself.

Back to the cliff, Hurley was doubtful whether he indeed wanted to wake up. Not by smashing into the sea for sure. Suddenly Libby appeared & asked Hurley what happened.

Hurley accused Libby was just part of him that was scared to jump. Libby was nonplussed. Hurley continued by saying that in the real life, it would be impossible that an attractive girl like Libby would be attracted to him. He also said that perhaps that’s why he told Libby that he might know her from somewhere as he made her up.

Libby asked him what’s the name of the guy with the injured leg that was stranded with her in the other side of the Island? (Featured in Day 1 & 5)

Hurley was silent & Libby told that he didn’t know about it as it’s her memory, not his. She kissed Hurley & assured that she’s real. That her feeling to him was real.

They went back together to the beach.


The whole episode focused mainly on Hurley’s point of view. The audience was led to believe how real his hallucination could feel for him and how he was swayed by doubt that perhaps he was still in the hospital currently in coma.

Nevertheless, the ending gave a stark contrast with a change of focus. The scene where the doctor took a picture of Hurley & Dave was repeated but it was shown from a different angle.

Unlike the former scene where Hurley was really shown sitting with Dave posing in a cool but funny faces during the photo shooting, this time it was just Hurley alone, posing in a cool but funny face. And the scene seemed to drift further (zoomed out) and it’s revealed in the end that it was witnessed by—get ready to have goosebumps!—Libby. She looking rugged as if she’s too having a problem in her head. She was a patient as well.

This answers Hurley’s comment that he might know her from somewhere. From the hospital.

To be continued...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Road Not Cycled

Two roads stopped me in my bike.
Nothing special, they both looked alike.
As I was late, I took the one in my right.
While cursing through the mile,
What’s wrong with this brain of mine!

Just the same old road this right one,
Always chosen for no reason without fail.
(Unlike that story of a father & his favourite son.)
While other cyclists might pick the left one,
Without fail--and who knows?--for no reason as well.

Had this morning I chose differently,
I wonder if that would be a shift
To what otherwise a routine, done daily.
Perhaps I would reach my office late
Or perhaps the journey would equally be swift.

No, I am not telling this with a sigh!
Puh-leaze, I’m sure there shall be another day
When those two roads again stop me, and I--
This time, I shan’t push the left road away
Because of the established goddamned routine.

Copyright ©2006 Anonymous_X

PS. No kidding, you like this piece? Ha, suckers. Then you'd love the one from which I was inspired: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

200706 - Lost (Season 2) Summary / Spoiler

Previously on Lost: here.

Part 1. Flashback on Locke

Remember Hellen? She’s once featured in this episode.

Hellen asks Locke to choose between her or his father. He hugging her seems a rather inconclusive answer. A goodbye hug or a hug that says “I choose you”?

So Locke chose Hellen. And in the starting of the Flashback, it’s shown that he intended to propose her during a picnic. But no, the lady just had to check obituaries before going. Great. Just great. Because she read one about Locke’s father. Reported about him passing away.

They went to visit a cemetery. During the funeral, Locke emotionlessly said his short I-forgive-you farewell piece. Nearby there were two thugs eyeing him.

Something’s not right. Firstly, Locke’s father was not dead. He faked his death because there were bad guys looking after him. For $700K that he conned. (Couldn’t help to suspect if Sawyer were somewhat involved with this con as well. Nah, too much coincidence to my liking if that’s the case).

Secondly, Locke was told to retrieve the money from the bank & to take $200K for him. Perhaps this was his father’s way of paying for the kidney that he stole from Locke earlier (also in the same episode).

Locke went to take the money. Aren't you the dutiful son! And put it in his bag. He went home & found that the two baddies were waiting for him. A little talk where the guys told Locke that perhaps his father’s not dead. They asked what Locke did for living & demanded to see his bag. Money…money…money?! Nope. They’re just papers inside the bag like what Locke said.

The baddies left. Almost as if giving that look of “I will be watching you” like the one done in Meet the Parents.

The next Flashback scene showed Locke delivered the money to his father in a motel. His father put the promised $200K on a table but Locke said he didn’t do that for money. What a tip for the maid then, huh?

But as his father left the room, Hellen was waiting outside. After doing a proper verification, he slapped his future father-in-law. She turned to Locke & accused him of lying to her & that he needed his father’s love more than hers.

Locke ran after her. Taking out that engagement ring, he proposed her. She left him. Convinced that Locke was a total waste of time.

Meanwhile not shown in the episode, a newspaper published an incredible article about how an employee of a local motel suddenly became richer by $200K. Many, however, quickly dismissed this as an urban legend. (sorry, can’t just resist to speculate about this part).

Part 2. The Island

Gale ominously or jokingly suggesting that the map could be a trap (end of this episode) freaked Jack out.

Jack demanded him to make another map. Gale insisted that he’s just kidding. Locke was told to put Gale back in the armory. Gale seemed to create further discord by asking Locke why he let Jack ordering him around like that.

On the other side of the Island, it was raining & the search for the balloon continued. Charlie found a spot marked with a cross. Gale had told Sayid during the first interview (on 290606 episode) that Gale buried his wife nearby the balloon. There was no rain at all. They looked up. Up there, the balloon was found.

Jack went to the beach asking Hurley whether he saw Ana-Lucia. He’s told that she left yesterday with Sayid & Charlie. Libby’s finger was a little injured & advised by Jack to give a little medicine. The medicine, however, were all kept by Sawyer (on 220606 episode) along with those guns from the armory.

Jack went to approach Sawyer. He’s playing poker against Kate & Hurley. The stakes were fruits. After Jack commenting on how Hurley would lose, Sawyer challenged Jack to play too.

Four of them played. Jack won all the fruits. Sawyer was pissed off. The stake was raised higher. The whole medicine. Only the two of them. Jack vs. Sawyer. It was a quick game with each of them tried to bluff another. The winner? Jack with a pair of 9 beating Sawyer with his pair of 5.

In the Hatch, there were noises from the loudspeaker. Some countdown & the doors were dropped. Locke was trapped inside. Except for one door that was held by a crow bar, he’s sort of, uhm, in a lockdown.

He released Gale who agreed to help him to pry open the door after Locke promised to “protect” Gale “no matter what”.

They huffed & puffed & the door was opened wider. Enough for a box to be slipped in. Locke proceeded to slip through the opening when the box began to buckle & trapped his legs. Ouch. Gale put on some weights in the between to prevent the door to continue crashing Locke’s legs.

Locke told Gale to enter the codes into the computer. It’s about time. Gale was told that he could use the vent duct. Gale did just that. He slipped & fell. Losing his consciousness. (This particular episode was really about accidents.)

Locke in panic calling out Gale to wake up. Time’s running out. Gale finally got up & went up into the vent. The light’s off & some kind of symbols were lit up on the door. The very same door that pinned Locke's legs. Beautiful coincidence. Soon the light’s on & the doors opened by themselves.

Locke crawled to the room where the computer was located. The counter was shown back to 108. Gale appeared behind him.

Jack was on the way to the Hatch when Kate asked to tag along. An excuse to take a shower, she said. Jack told that the shower’s not working & he offered to accompany Kate back to the beach.

They suddenly noticed a light flickering in the jungle. They went to inspect & found out food package had just been dropped with a parachute. Sayid, Charlie & Ana-Lucia appeared, expressed their awe for a little while about the food from heaven & together they later went to the Hatch.

Sayid confronted Gale. Telling him that they found the balloon & the grave of Gale's wife. Which Sayid then dug & found that it’s a man who’s buried. Gale's wife was...a man? Gale was...a gay? And to aggravate the situation, that buried man had a license driver with him showing his identity as…Henry Gale. The real Henry Gale.

To be continued...