Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apocalypto. Maybe later.

The review rated Apocalypto 3 out of 5. Not much. But I always love shows featuring a Native American. (Why else did I watch a French film, Le Pacte Des Loups or Brotherhood of the Wolf?)

What interests me, though, is reading this part of the review. Quoted:

Thus begins Jaguar's journey into the heart of darkness as the prisoners are marched into the Mayan city, only to discover they're being offered up as human sacrifices.

Especially the phrase, 'heart of darkness' which I vaguely know I've read it somewhere. Yes, I came across it last time when reading the Wikipedia article about the movie, Apocalypse Now. Quoted:
Although inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, the film deviates extensively from its source material. The novel, based on Conrad's real experiences as a steam paddle boat captain in Africa, is set in the Belgian Congo during the 19th century.

And my point is? Nothing really. Just like this kind of little coincidence. =)

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