Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jurong BirdPark - to sum up

A visit there just proves that I'm no nature photographer. Even with the caged birds, I failed to snap quality photos. Or if I managed to do so, I did it after many attempts.

For example this one of scarlet ibises. I swear they're such speedsters. (Right. Scarlet. Speedster. See how many get the reference. Heh.) By the way, the circles were not a special effect or something. It's just rain water on the glass.

Of course some of the birds were just plain friendly. Or simply hungry and got used to be fed by visitors. Like these two lories--the birds with amazingly almost technicolor feathers. Taking their photos was a snap. Literally. I didn't have to re-take it.

Some photo was no challenge at all. Like this sleepy Malay Eagle Owl. (Note that the link leads to a page in Malay that's because I can't find details in English). What amused me was not the sight of the bird, but the sound when it yawned. And it yawned a lot. Got to upgrade to a video cam soon.

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