Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Singapore River Hongbao 2007

A belated Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. Just some photos to share (coz I didn't go back home for CNY this time despite the established routine for the last 6 years. *grumble* coz I'm so bloody responsible to my work & that is a weakness. *grumblegrumble*).

Ha! Enough with the negative vibes. Exercise grumbling so that you'll be sufficiently bitter for some mythical creature to act as if he/she doesn't notice and thus, not obliged to eat you.

1 & 2. Two exhibits about Nian (the eyes, see the eyes) by the artist, Mr. Tan Keng Seng.

3. Also by the same artist, to welcome the Year of Pig (More about Chinese zodiac: here). Love the interwoven patterns.

4. He who is known as the Chinese god of wealth or fortune or prosperity: Cai Shen.

5. Click to enlarge the text (it's about 'raree show') in the yellow banner.

6. Just another reminder how much I lose for not knowing the language. :-\

7. Blessing by the ..., uhm, never mind. See the above.

8. Not a believer in Chinese zodiac myself, but hey it sounds like it's going to be a good year for me. Heh.


shanewei said...

Hallo... Gong Xi Fa Cai, so you are the receiver or giver of angpows? =)

Anonymous_X said...

I'm this a trick question or you're just incredibly generous thinking to give me angpows? :-\