Monday, March 19, 2007

300 - No gory, no glory

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What irks me about the movie "300" is how the supposedly "God King" Xerxes had no strategy nor employed strategists. Cao Cao he was not. On second thought, perhaps he did. Afterall, prior to the campaign, he had bribed the Ephors & the politician, Theron, hadn't he?

Or maybe all that 'bribing' idea belonged to Xerxes. (And that's all he's capable to think of. Snigger.)

You see he had a LOT of soldiers. But where were the generals? Where were the strategists?

To be fair his opponents--although much smaller in numbers--had the advantage of the terrain. With the narrow passage of Thermopylae, Xerxes' numerous troops could be easier to handle. The much larger Persian army won't be able to outflank the Spartans.

Makes sense.

So what would you do if you were Xerxes?

I would have studied the terrain more. Was it the only place where I could land my fleet? I don't think so.

What if that's the only place?

Secure the narrow passage first. Don't let the Spartans use that to their advantage.

And if that's not possible? What if the Spartans had always been stationed to guard the pass?

Then don't wage war against the Spartans. Perhaps your emissary was not kicked into the well. Perhaps he just tripped & fell. Occupational hazard. Heh.

Okay, seriously?

C'mon. You had a large army. They needed food & the longer the damn Spartans resisted, the more resources depleted on your side.

I'll suggest to use fire then.

Remember your army had explosives? And war elephants? And rhinoceros? Use the animals to carry considerable amount of explosives on their body. Send them to charge at the Spartans. As they come closer to the enemy, send fire arrows flying targeted at the animals & BOOM!!! The explosion won't be enough to kill the Spartans, but it should be enough to daze them. And that's when you send your army to finish the job.

What if your army didn't have enough explosives? What if the Persian's SPCA was strongly against cruelty against animals?

Damn. We'll be back to our advantage of numbers. We have a LOT of army. Split them into sections who sleep during different period of day/night. Thus you would have an army who ready to fight in the morning, another in the afternoon, and yet another at night. A 24-hour warfare with an army that are always in the peak of their stamina: with enough rest & sleep.

The Spartans on the other hand won't have the luxury to do so.

They might have superior fighting skills. But they would eventually succumb to fatigue. Fighting a 24-hour battle without a meal break, without sleep. They'd lose.

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