Monday, March 26, 2007

haikulic ^_^"

Faces from the past:
A waitress and an old friend.
Weekends do matter.


sonic said...

interesting, very interesting. brings back memory.

and reminds me it's been some times since we catch up. April good time for you for dinner catchups (doublespeak intended)? Too bad you already caught 300 (and spoilt some plots for me in your blog thankyouverymuch)

Anonymous_X said...

true, very true. but no details for you.

sure, why not? need to return your 'life of pi' as well. btw, caught the history boys already? (though i doubt it would still be on in April)

sonic said...

I half-expected as much, hence no question asked :p unless you want to share with the idol hurhur

Didn't intend to catch History Boys, but I can be persuaded otherwise.

Arrange with you offline. Time you try some stingray, perhaps.