Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm puzzlin' (over) it

"I'd like to order 30 nos of Sausage McMuffin™ & I'm going to collect them at 9.20 am."

"Would you like to have milk with them, Sir?"

"No." (I doubt my project team members drink milk. If only beer is offered, instead.)

"But when you buy without milk, the price would be $2.40/burger. With milk, the total price would be...$2.00."

"" (Using the similar histrionic pause to quickly glance the surrounding posters on the wall & on the cashier's table to check whether there's such promotion pasted. There's none.)

"Okay, would order them with milk then."

Heh. Don't ask me about the receipt & its interesting breakdown prices. What interests me is why with the additional purchase, the total price is lessened? I'd understand if the total is to be higher or at the very least, equal.

Also, why the lack of advertisement about it?

So I'm puzzled & can't help but to view the milk suspiciously. No, I definitely won't dare to suggest that it's going to be another case like Ribena. (Full story here)

See, it's not going to be an issue if there's a clear explanation on why the special promotion is given.


Buttercup said...

Interesting sure the milk wasn't expired? :D

Anonymous_X said...

heh. not expired yet.

The Imp said...

very strange promo gimmick.

sonic said...

From your idol: This promo sounds similar to the one that has been going on for quite a long time already. It's tea or coffee instead of milk if I remember correctly. They used to advertise it in stores, but not anymore. Quite a lot of regulars order it.

Ya, strange that the promo is still on but it's not displayed and only advised by the cashiers. Maybe it's the Mac way of testing if the cashiers are providing good customer service. ;p