Friday, April 27, 2007

The not-so-amazing spidey

With such a weather,
the itsy bitsy spider
is wet & cursing.

PS. Touch-up keywords: brightness, contrast, gamma with individual colours (red, green, blue) varied one at the time. Unedited (only re-sized) will look like this:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Smokin' Aces

Not really impressed with the movie. Well, it's still enjoyable as in it's a cool shoot-out with a cool background music. Quite entertaining.

"A $1 Million Hit, Seven assassins, 1 Target, Awesome Shoot-Outs" that's what the United International Pictures Singapore says. By the way, the link also leads to a six-part online comic. Click 'Now Showing', click the movie poster, and click 'Featurettes'. Only read one about the master of disguise so far.

The show is rated M18 for coarse language (can't expect the hitmen to speak politely, can you?) & needless to say, violence.

One group of the killers, namely The Tremors are especially appealing because they are not merely crazy, but they are also smart. I'd like to elaborate further with one or two examples but that will spoil the story. Suffice to say the keywords: 'lift', 'motor', and 'FBI wallet'.

That will be the difference between Real Life & Fictional One. In Real Life, like the recent Virginia Tech Massacre, if the killer were to decide to escape & succeeded in doing so, I very much doubt that anybody would be thrilled about it.

In the Fictional Life, like this movie, audience can easily symphatize even with the bad guys. For example when Buddy 'Aces' Israel is coerced to agree that as part of the 'deal', he has to surrender his right man, Ivy to FBI, Buddy is shown very much ridden with guilt.

Dammit, that's a spoiler, isn't it?

If you're to watch it, you'll understand that it's not a major spoiler. This Wikipedia article, on the other hand, is a major spoiler. Anyway, it states that there's an alternate ending for the movie. I didn't manage to catch it, though.

I stayed till the end. I patiently let the credit lines scroll till the very end. Till the light of the theatre was switched on & the cinema attendances started clearing the room. Nada. No alternate ending. :(

Friday, April 20, 2007

"Need not Panadol." / Hey, that's five and this will make / another haiku.

A splitting headache
Slowly soothed by a hot day.
The sweats ooze the pain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's raining, man!

Sudden rain falling.
Love the sound it beats the floor.
Nature’s lullaby.

Monday, April 16, 2007

And Then There Were None.

Supposedly the best selling novel by Agatha Christie, "And Then There Were None" appeals me in its conciseness. The personality of the ten characters were sufficiently described--and killed of course.

Ten strangers with diverse backgrounds were invited to an island by a mysterious host that never appeared. On the first night after dinner, they were greeted by a recorded message who accused each of them of a crime. One by one was then killed according to a nursery rhyme, Ten Little Indians.

The killer won't be revealed till the end of the book.

It is a puzzling crime with a touch of horror as most of the ten guests were haunted by their past misdeed. Guilt-induced horror. Plausible without overly done.

You will like this book if you are tired with a crime novel featuring a detective. The good guy always wins. The detective will surely solve the mystery for you.

But here, there won't be such a detective. You are the detective. You will be baffled about what actually happened. And you will find out the truth eventually.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Indecently Stupid Proposal

Received the following email:


Dear Friend,

My name is Mr. Chan Lee, I am a staff of Bank of China, Our late client named Mr. Hamadi Hashem made a fixed deposit amount of $17.3m he did not declare any next of kin in any of his paper work, I want you as a foreigner to stand as the beneficiary to transfer this funds out of my bank into your account, after the successful transfer, we shall share in the ratio of 30% for you, 70%for me.Should you be interested please send me your:

1,Full names,
3,private phone number,
4,current residential address.

All I need from you is your readiness, trustworthiness and dedication. Please email me directly on my private email address: ( so we can begin arrangements and I would give you more information on how we would handle this venture.


Noted that the sender's email is Hate such discrepancy. Okay, that little point aside, aren't 'Chan' & 'Lee' both surnames? Moreover, what kind of idiot addresses himself as 'Mr.'? Hi, my name is Mr. Earl. Right.

And even if the transfer is successful (though I very much doubt so), I don't think anybody will be stupid enough to give 70% of the money to him.

Sure sometimes greed blinds our judgement. We are all human. But please, I'm sure we are not that greedy.

Better luck next time, Mr. Chan Lee!

DISCLAIMER: The blogger is not to be held responsible if any of you is indeed stupid enough (long sigh) to send an email to this so-called Mr. Chan Lee--an action that may result to subsequent act of fraud whereby you will be a victim.

Hi, I am deaf. Would you like to ... a little something for $5?

That's what written in a little card put together on my table with the keychain shown in the picture. I stopped eating my dinner & noticed the person--a young caucasian girl--who put the items on my table continued to do the same on other tables.

The card had a little UK flag printed on it.

I was mildly curious about what to do with the stuff. That 'little something for $5' must have referred to the keychain. Assuming one wants to purchase, how to make the payment? I saw other tables seeking to learn how the people sitting there reacted. They must be wondering as well.

As to answer our question, the peddler was seen strolling back towards the tables. On some tables, she collected both items. On others, the cards & $5 leapt to her hands.

That's it.

I don't know why others bought the item. Pity on the deaf seller? Don't think so. I observed her constantly smiling not only while collecting the cards & the money, but also when she took back the cards & the keychains.

I viewed the card just as a tool to help the transaction to be understood. Must admit that I find the method is refreshingly guilt-free.

You know how it is when you are being approached during your dinner by someone looks so pitiful offering to sell you a packet of tissues. Pitiful because he/she may be old or handicapped or sometimes, both. See, you are feeling guilty if you refuse to buy the tissues. And you'll equally feel bad if you buy them because you know you don't need the tissues.

Not in this situation, though.

I was able to decide whether to buy it or not based on a simple premise of whether I need it or not.

The question of my decision is one may be lightly considered, and it should not be for you, kaypoh readers to presume to set yourself up as the one person able to answer it. And so I won't leave it with all of you: Which item was taken back together with the card from my table,--the keychain, or the five dollars?

PS. the last paragraph with apology to Frank R. Stockton. Can hardly resist. Heh.

My Name Is ...

Don't really like the comedy "My Name Is Earl". However the particular episode, "Buried Treasure" last Wednesday night (don't ask, it's supposed to be on Saturdays) did impress me. No, not that it's hilarious. Heh. I love the way the point of view is shifting from Earl to his brother, Randy to his (Earl's) ex-wife, Joy to the ex-wife's new husband, Crabman and finally to the librarian, Dotty.

And they all faithfully follow the format of the TV i.e. a little voice over prior to the title of "My Name Is ..." is shown.

It starts with Earl, Randy & Joy sneak into a library to steal. They take some silverwares. Too expensive to sell, hence the three of them decide to bury the treasure.

Earl then decides to send a ransom note to the librarian. He hides in the bushes & waits her to drop the money bag in the designated rubbish bin. While waiting, he sees his brother Randy greets the librarian. The homeless is then seen digging into the rubbish bin & the money bag explodes into his face.

A few policemen zoom in to catch the homeless. A trap. Don't underestimate the old librarian.

Earl realizes he is almost caught & thinks that it may be a Sign from above that he is not to be benefited from this particular venture. As if to further reinforce about the Sign, the bushes where he is hiding suddenly ignite.

Fast forward to the current Earl a few years later when he wants to return the silwerwares to the librarian as part of the List. He undigs the place together with Randy, but he cannot find the items. (As this scene will be repeated many times later, let's call it for short the Undigging Scene.)

Up to this point, the voice over (thought-sound, uhm, whatever) is mostly Earl's.

Then it shifts to Randy's, followed with a title "My Name Is Randy". He accounts on what actually happens. The flashback is shown about how Randy earlier undigs the silverwares & passes them to one conman. Randy is told the place where to collect his money. He is not told specifically from whom to collect. He is just told to ask "Do you have the stuff" to people in some place. That place is where the librarian drops the money bag.

As he doesn't know whom to ask that question. He asks everybody including the librarian. He also sees the librarian drops the money bag which he thinks as a packet consists of food. He tells the homeless that he just sees someone throws away food. The homeless goes to take the money bag which later explodes.

(Suffice to say, Randy will not get the money. He asks the same question to a gay which apparently shows him "other" stuff to Randy's shock)

Here Randy's voice over stops & the scene changes back to the Undigging Scene.

This time, the scene is witnessed by Joy who is sitting nearbly looking cozy & smug. Her voice over is heard & followed with "My Name Is Joy".

She narrates how she gets suspicous of Earl & Randy after the treasure is burried & how she decides to replace the treasure with common cutlery & re-bury the treasure some where else. She is very proud of her action & is shown driving a car later singing & smoking simultaneously. Incompatible activities which surely result to her coughing. She quickly stops her car & throws the cigarette butt which later cause the bushes (where Earl is hiding) to be caught in fire. The mystery of the burning bushes is solved.

Back to the Undigging Scene, Joy is telling what actually happens to Crabman. And this is when the Crabman's voice over taking over. Followed with "My Name Is Crabman".

The audience is shown that Crabman is actually undigging the exact place where Joy earlier buries the real treasure. He does so to bury his dead goldfish. He discovers the silverwares & sells them to...the librarian.

Back to the Undigging Scene where Earl finally decides that the treasure is somehow lost. Together with Randy, he visits the library to give some "donation" money. There, they are surprised to see the silverwares back in the showcase in the library.

And yes, here is when the voice over of the librarian is heard & the title page changes to "My Name Is Dotty". And that's the end.

Sorry for the spoiler. For consolation, I cannot catch what the librarian says. But I guess there must be some twist about what the so-called treasure. Perhaps, she always keeps the real ones safely at home? And the stolen ones are not valuable. Still just to put up on appearance, she reports them to be missing? Heh.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Looking at this poster is hard.

With two in a row...
Not looking, is way harder.
Quit smoking, you fool.

Can the campaign, please?
Disturbing ads everywhere.
TV and bus stops.

Promise we won't smoke.
Smokers, do read the captions.
Your own health, damnit!

Smoking is cool...Not.
Seven deaths every day here.
Choose to live, instead.

20th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF): 18/04/07 - 30/04/07

The left logo was from the official SIFF homepage.

During the last year event, some of the movies I watched were "It's Only Talk" & "GIE", directed by Ryuichi Hiroki & Riri Riza respectively. This year they again will have their shows screened: Ryuichi Hiroki with "M" & Riri Riza with "3 Days to Forever".

Tried to book "M" (the movie, not the housewife.), it was fully booked. Called the hotline (just in case the SISTIC homepage was down), it was fully booked.

The timing for "3 Days to Forever" is a bit bad. Damn. I won't be able to reach the cinema on time during the weekdays. =(

I'm doubtful to catch the free shows like I did last year (Watched "Coffee and Milk", "Lonely Planet", "She3", "The Fish", "One Shot", and "Replay Revenge").

Then again, maybe I will.

As today, I have my eyes on "German Animation", "F*ck", and "Footy Legends". Hopefully by this evening, I should have some of the tickets bought.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bird of Pray (2) - or I simply don't know what to title this.

A bird deep in thought.
Staring at the lone hand glove.