Wednesday, April 04, 2007

20th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF): 18/04/07 - 30/04/07

The left logo was from the official SIFF homepage.

During the last year event, some of the movies I watched were "It's Only Talk" & "GIE", directed by Ryuichi Hiroki & Riri Riza respectively. This year they again will have their shows screened: Ryuichi Hiroki with "M" & Riri Riza with "3 Days to Forever".

Tried to book "M" (the movie, not the housewife.), it was fully booked. Called the hotline (just in case the SISTIC homepage was down), it was fully booked.

The timing for "3 Days to Forever" is a bit bad. Damn. I won't be able to reach the cinema on time during the weekdays. =(

I'm doubtful to catch the free shows like I did last year (Watched "Coffee and Milk", "Lonely Planet", "She3", "The Fish", "One Shot", and "Replay Revenge").

Then again, maybe I will.

As today, I have my eyes on "German Animation", "F*ck", and "Footy Legends". Hopefully by this evening, I should have some of the tickets bought.


mrdes said...

Hi, Thomas, just came home from the 9.15 pm show: Scream of The Ants by an Indian Director. It was brillant indeed. Maybe you can go for the 9.15 shows too? I tried to get ticket for M too, but it was fully booked real early:(

Anonymous_X said...


Call me (no, not Ishmael) a_x.

9.15 pm is rather late for me. glad to know you enjoy the movie, mrdes. do u write any review about it? :)