Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Looking at this poster is hard.

With two in a row...
Not looking, is way harder.
Quit smoking, you fool.

Can the campaign, please?
Disturbing ads everywhere.
TV and bus stops.

Promise we won't smoke.
Smokers, do read the captions.
Your own health, damnit!

Smoking is cool...Not.
Seven deaths every day here.
Choose to live, instead.


shanewei said...

this spoils my dinner almost every nite! i have the habit of switching on the telly to accompany me and shane for dinner but when this comes on, i have to shut it off! gross and shane would shout 'monster monster!!'...

can you tell them not to have this ad on during dinner hours?

Anonymous_X said...

thinking to start online petition before registering the protest to , eh? :\

Anonymous said...

i have seen psas like that all the time, they're seriously creepy.