Friday, August 17, 2007

Dawn 642...

...because it's taken on 6.42 a.m. And it's obviously dawn. And because I can't think of another title.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Almost a "Sea of Silver Light"

The novel? I've not yet read.
Seen the real one, though.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - Blog Rating

Got to know about the blog rating from mrdes' post.

I visited the homepage, & entered my blog address.

Here's the result:

Yeah, yeah. I know. It's unbelievably...boring.

So I started wondering what if I entered the URL as per my blog label. I tried with the category 'crime'. It's rated:

Well, that's more like it! Heh.

I got curious what my posts under 'thought' are rated:

Very mild...

How about 'LOST'? (I'm ashamed to admit that I need my sleep more & thus, has not been able to follow LOST Season 3)

Oo..oh. It's NC17.

Let's see how 'movie' rating is assessed.

Ha. PG13. =)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


One of Life's Truths I always hold, uhm, true is that to ask if you don't know. Always thought it to be universal. Applicable in all situations.

Till I come to this situation.

See, I will have a movie outing some time soon. Call it movie double dates (not because there will be two movies), but because there will be two couples (m-f-m-f & yes, I am NOT a gay & no, nothing's wrong being a gay, mind you. Darn this disclaimer is getting tiresome).

Back to movie double dates.

I considered The Simpsons Movie would be the best. Bad planning at my side made me rather late in suggesting about the movie, though. The other couples already watched it.

I left with not much choices. Other films in GV and/or Cathay like: Flashpoint (both cineplexes), Disturbia (both), Alone (both), Cashback, Perfect Stranger, 881, Ghosts, Broken English, Gone Shopping, Knocked Up, Die Hard 4.0, Rise: Blood Hunter, Becoming Royston, Captivity (both), La Vie En Rose (both), Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix (both), Who Slept With Her?, Invisible Target (both), Paprika, and lastly The Blossoming Of Maximooliveros did not sound much appealing. On second thought, I left with too much choices. Seemingly bad ones.

Transformers (both cineplexes) is entertaining, but I already watched it.
Vacancy is a mistake. Don't. Watch. It. A sickening show about a snuff film. Just because I did not do any homework & by impulse, chose this film.

So this time I did my homework.

I read through summaries of each film. They're not really interesting, with the exception of Cashback.

The question, however, is whether the show is appropriate for the occasion. (Just prove that I don't really know much about the other couples, especially the lady. The drawback of being antisocial, I guess. *shrug)

Now back to the beginning. To ask, if I don't know.

But somehow I'm just not so certain about it.

Another alternative is, of course, to wait until better movies coming in. Browsed to GV and Cathay. Nah. Not interesting. Maybe Stardust, but the release date is not listed yet. (Anyway, the novel--also titled Stardust, by Neil Gaiman--ought to be better than the silver screen version.)

Oh well...think, man. Think!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

looking up

On a day like this,
I sure wish to be the tree;
reaching to the sky.