Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I’m no angel in the city of angels.

(At Bangkok, even the ladyboys are angels! You just have to see them at the Calypso Cabaret! But that’s another story. Maybe.)

Staying in a hotel might have its benefits: comfort, prestige & sense of security. Compare that to a humble room in a guesthouse which you need to have your own padlock to secure your room.

What I dislike about staying in a hotel is the room service.

I don’t need the room service. I don’t need the towel to be changed daily. I don’t need someone to tidy my own bed.

So that’s what I told the counter lady during my check-in.

No room service for me, please.

She smiled & confirmed that there would be no room service for me.

I returned to the room happy & put a few coins of Singapore dollars on the table. No point in carrying them with me.

On the next evening, I returned & found the room tidier. The table was clean. And no coins were seen.

I called the operator & repeated my request about not giving me the room service. I told them about the vanishing coins. She asked me how much. Heck, who really counted one’s coins?! I picked a number. Two dollars. Then I quickly added that I didn’t mind about the loss. I explained that I was disappointed that my request for the room not to be entered at all cost was not heeded.

I repeated my request. Again. Then I slammed the phone.

A few minutes passed & someone knocked the door.

I opened it slowly wondering whether someone complained about me loudly slamming the phone.

That would be interesting, won't it?

Instead, I saw the maid smiling & mumbling her sorry & giving me back the coins. Three dollars and twenty cents. I was stunned.

I was impressed that the hotel did the investigation quickly without me asking.

I was impressed with the honesty of the maid. She could just claim that there were no such coins on the table & anyway, how on earth could I prove the existence of the coins—hey, I won’t bother to do so. I merely wanted nobody to enter the room.

I was impressed that the maid didn’t choose to argue. She could say that she thought the coins were meant as a tip for her good service tidying the room. She just smiled & said her sorry & left.

Leaving me filled with shame.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Counting down to NaNoWriMo 2007

I am looking forward participating with the event. With dread. As I reckon I would be very likely to unable reaching 50,000-word finishing mark. After 2 years of achieving the target in y2005 & y2006 (oh, I can still recall the exhilarating sense of joy & achievement--if Greenspan were a writer, he'd have coined it as "irrational exuberance"), it will hurt my ego that due to (insert typical lame excuses, all labeled under Responsibility here) I won't be able to manage my time to even achieve 1,700-word something per day for the novel.

Yeah, it even hurts more to know that a story will fail to be formed. =(

Anyway as per today, there have been 362 registered WriMos affliated with Singapore. Feel free to drop by at the launch party this coming Saturday, 27/10 at the Earshot Café.

Links: NaNoWriMo, Singapore Forum, Singapore Novelists.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random photos

The focus ought to be on the majestic clouds, not on the lights.

Yes, finally!

Shot on a small boat at Ancol, Jakarta.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

As if only Singapore invests in Myanmar...

I was reading the above post & at first, I was impressed with the way the list is compiled by the blogger, Cloudywind. Comprehensive. Then I started wondering--Is Singapore the only country investing in Myanmar? No way! Can't be, right?

Then I googled.

Then I came across this site.

And I realized the magical practice of Copy & Paste---without the referrence from where it's copied.

Why am I not surprised?

Anyway, I observe too that there are at least 4 Australian companies identified in the site. Hmm...puzzling. From the way this article, "Web of cash, power and cronies" was written, one would have expected that there would be no Australian companies willing to have any business dealings whatsoever with Myanmar.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Before He...Disappears

Perhaps, it's just another case of a severe self-censorship? Or perhaps, the blogger's site just happened to be down? I don't know.

The snapshot from Tomorrow.sg

The blogger, Feed Me To The Fish: "Link to the post".

The blogger, Feed Me To The Fish: "Link to the main page".

Intriguing, perhaps for some. But for me, it just makes me realize how little I know about Medisave. Sure, there's a helpful Guide to CPF on Medisave as well as the Medisave Calculator.

The Guide also include a "Contact Us" details like the hotline at 1800-227-1188 or 1800-225-4122 and the email address: healthcare@cpf.gov.sg

So no excuse to be ignorant, is it?