Saturday, December 22, 2007

The mist clouding the hill appeals me...

...but I fail to capture the photo rightly. Just trying to see how it looks like if I were to take the image diagonally. Nah. Stll doesn't look nice.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Warlords - where's the Spoiler Alert?!

Visited the official website of the movie, The Warlords and got engrossed with the "STORY". Wrong move. It basically narrates the movie plot--till the very end!

As much as I'm angry with how silly the official website can be (and this is despite the cool trailer, I tell you), I'm disappointed that I should resort in checking any official websites at all prior to deciding whether to watch a particular movie or not.

Won't do the same mistake with "I Am Legend" or "Inkheart". See, no links to their official websites, are there? Heh.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Ling86 (artist of the Larkin Step) has been HACKED!!"

So I have been wondering the rate of success Ling86 has enjoyed since this previous post, "Larkin...who? Ling86...who?" on 18/12/07.

I visited the link & found that it had almost 1.1 million views. Very impressive, I must say. But what surprised me is the clip's now titled as "MY AIM SCREEN NAME IS "DSDF" - Larkin Step (Original)". That...that is one lousy title! (Especially the first part of MY AIM..."DSDF". Wtf is AIM, anyway? Oh wait, it stands for "AOL Instant Messenger".)

And to think that I'm bad at naming my articles. Well, I still am. That's why the title of this post is lazily taken from a video clip, "Ling86 (artist of the Larkin Step) has been HACKED!!" uploaded by one YouTube member, kungfucolin.

Yes. Ling86's YouTube account had been hacked. The inevitable price of instant fame? Still...any publicity is a good one, I guess. Just key in "Larkin Step" in the YouTube search bar and you'll find the song started to be performed by others (Yes, not only by kaliazzura) as good as TheRustyAcoustic--his version: "Song: "Larkin Step" (Ling86)"--and as "bad" as CarlomarPhoto's "Re: Larkin Step (Original)". Without doubt, another sign of success, isn't it?

I wish I can say sorry that her account is hacked. However I can't. Surely Ling86 can register for another YouTube account with different nick & re-upload all her 9 videos.

The incident is a blessing in disguise for many will sympathize & get to know about her. And that is a good thing.

PS. The above two images were snapped from YouTube. Touch-up: brightness, contrast.

"I have a dream"

I have a dream, but nothing’s historic about it.

I have a dream that today (Selamat Hari Raya Haji, if you celebrate!) I decide not to go to work.

I have a dream that I go to one mosque (Can only recall that in my dream, it’s such a great building with a great numbers of worshippers.) & take photos of the animals being slaughtered (No, it doesn’t feel wrong in my dream doing so although it’s surely inappropriate in the Waking World.)

I remember the animals, mostly lambs, do not cry out in pain.

I remember how I wonder about it and it leads me thinking about “The Silence of the Lambs”.

I remember how I berate myself for entertaining such a trivial thought in a place of worship.

I know it is a dream even before I wake up.

I know because I don’t feel any guilt at all for not going to work.

I know I’d rather to be at churches, mosques or temples—any place but workplace—anytime: in the Waking World or in the Dream Land.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Larkin...who? Ling86...who?

Okay, I must plead ignorance. I never heard about this Larkin person before. Not till I came across this article in Philip Larkin, however, was influential enough to inspire ling86 to compose a song, "Larkin Step (Original)"--currently has almost 880,000 hits in YouTube & the figure continues rising.

As I googled the name "Larkin", I visited the Wikipedia & noticed that ling86 & the song are also mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on Philip Larkin.

Checking out "Larkin Step (Original)", I saw the song was presented as well by another YouTube member, kaliazzura. Though both have been members for about 1 year--ling86 joined on 25/04/06 whereas kaliazzura on 30/08/06--the latter has been prolific in uploading her videos (total: 51 nos as per today). Compare that with 9 videos from ling86.

Yes,'s Quality, not Quantity that matters.

My point is by having kaliazzura singing ling86's song (and fairly attributed the song to her--just see the title, "Larkin Step (Ling86) Kali Azzura"), it's surely a good way to further expand the audience base to ling86.

That's it! I won't be tempted to make comparisons about who sing better. Let's just say I always prefer the originals (with the exception of KFC, gimme Crispy anytime) because they are original.

But the lyric, just have to see the song lyric. Just like Larkin using "death and fatalism" as his "recurring themes and subjects of his poetry" (Take a look at his poems here), ling86 had aptly adopted the similar style. And her lyric (I'd love to say it as her poem, instead) did turn out to be beautifully dark.

God he turned and walked away
I couldn't think of what to say
when plane engines fall through your roof
and I broke my knee while walking down the street that I live in
While no one was passing by

Life moves along and it trickles down the cheeks of every beautiful boy
Time comes along and it breaks every bone in your spine

Into the flight of night
Insomnia strikes and hopes alight
We set ourselves up to fall
So we stargaze and we write down all the things that we'll do
Fall into the river our pockets full of stones
Full of stones..

Chorus, etc.

Copyright, 2007

I love best her part of song: "Fall into river (with) our pockets full of stones" & the preceding line "So we stargaze and we write down all the things that we'll do". That's I guess her way of saying no matter how we plan, or how we hope, eventually it will just end up as failures.

An irony, as this song of her, is definitely a great success. Congratz!

PS. Esplanade will feature her this Thursday, 20/12/07, 7.30 pm. Venue: Stage @ Powerhouse. More details: here.

PPS. Update on 20/12/07: "Ling86 (artist of the Larkin Step) has been HACKED!!"

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cool Polar Bears ("Golden Compass" & "LOST")

Images from here & here. Touch up: brightness, contrast.

Can't resist making the comparison between Iorek Byrnison--the armoured polar bear from the recently screened movie, "Golden Compass"--with the polar bear from the recently-also-hit-by-writers'-strike-for-its-season-4 TV series, "LOST".

The former was majestic (except for the part when he gulped down whiskey from a pile) whereas the latter was simply fierce.

Prior to watching the show, I didn't read the book, "Golden Compass" (which is part of Philip Pullman's trilogy "His Dark Materials"), so I couldn't compare how the movie fares & thus, I just enjoyed the film as it is. Which is good, because there's definitely a sequel to the film & I won't be able to guess what it's going to happen.

But I found myself wondering what if in the sequel, the heroes visited the parallel earth of our version & some of the armoured polar bears were stranded in the Island. If you're lost, I'm referring to the Island in "LOST".

Nah, that will be ridiculous. I don't think any writers dare to do such a cross-over. Pity.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Singapore Slingers vs. Brisbane Bullets (3/12/07)

Singapore Slingers defeated Brisbane Bullets: 119 - 101. The game was okay, I guess. It's quite fast-moving & the supporters--at least for the former--were generous in demonstrating their support, albeit in rather annoying manners (Imagine children sitting behind you repeatedly yelling "Defence!" right into your ears everytime the Bullets rushed to the Slinger's half. It was so loud that at first I mistook that shout as "Brisbane!" Yup. That bad.)

I used the opportunity in practising my camera shot. Without flash resulted mostly disastrously (kinda blurry) whereas those with flash, I used to freeze the excitement--hopefully right before the ball passed through the ring.

The following 2 photos were taken without flash:

These ones with flash:

More about the teams: Singapore Slingers Brisbane Bullets

Monday, December 10, 2007

Heart To Heart Service

The banner from Paddy Tan's blog.
Touch-up: brightness, contrast, shade of red

I received an email from Paddy Tan, the CEO of In short it's encouraging us to spread the word about Heart To Heart Service--a non-profit, non-government aided welfare set-up initiated by Ms. Teresa Hsu.

Personally, I have some misgiving about "charity". In any donation drive, you can expect me to ask how many percentage would go to the needy & how many to the administration cost.

Thus I am pleased to learn that the organization also accepts non-monetary donation. Quoted from the website:
For food donations, the following items are needed monthly.

1) Instant Noodles
2) "Super" Coffee-mix 3-in-1.
3) Milo 3-in-1
4) Sugar (1 kg bag)
5) Cooking Oil (1 litre)
6) Rice (5 kg bag)
7) VitaSoy Soya Bean Drink (24x250ml)
8) Milk Powder (700g bag)
9) Bath soap (24 pieces)
10) Washing powder (1kg bag)
11) Toothpaste & toothbrushes
12) Eggs
13) Peanut Butter (170gm) & Others (e.g. old clothing in wearable condition, books, etc, please check with Heart-to-Heart Service)

You can even choose to contribute your time during the food distribution, or offer transportation. The next distribution would be on Sunday, 30/12/07, 10.00 a.m.

For more information, you can contact the organization:
Heart to Heart Service
130 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 538900

Tel: +65-6289 0924

Contact person: Teresa Hsu & Sharana Rao

Saturday, December 08, 2007

This Cat's not In The Cradle.

The left image was taken without the flash whereas the right one with the flash on. For this case--thanks to the very cooperative & sleepy cat--it's very easy to compare the difference of the results. Well, I did the same for the game between Singapore Slingers vs. Brisbane Bullets at Singapore Stadium last Sunday, but rather dissatisfied with the photos.

Anyway, the lack of knack in finding the titles led me to think about this song, "Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin.

An old song it may be, but the content is surely relevant for many of us. (More about the song: here.)

Too busy for your son? Be warned. Your so may one day grow up to be too busy for you. Substitute 'son' & with 'loved one(s)' & the message is still applicable.

Yeah. Just thinking out loud.

I was this close to purchasing the mug. ;)

Then I realized not many would appreciate a good joke when they saw one. Especially not work-related humour.

"Reincarnation sucks! I had this job last time." Heh.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kurt Busiek @Singapore Writers Festival (02/12/07)

I was browsing the Saturday newspaper on Sunday morning (better late then never, isn't it?) & I was thrilled when I came across the ad about the event, Singapore Writers Festival, especially the Sunday event featuring the comic book writer, Kurt Busiek at the Play Den, Arts House from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

He's scheduled to give a talk titled "To be continued..." which didn't really give me an idea at first what it'd be all about.

Yeah, right. As if that mattered. Heh.

I rushed to the venue but I was still a tad late. No thanks to some marathon event that had the road cramping with the crowds.

Eventually got a seat at the front. Not really the best seat as the Man was partially blocked by the mic stand. No problem. I came to listen & I had a great time listening to him telling about the continuity issue in the realm of comics.

The relaxed Kurt Busiek

He gave an example about DC introducing a "Crisis on Infinite Earths" to make tidy the history of their superheroes characters.

Another issue that he emphasized was the importance to make characters to stay true to their "spirit" when they're reinvented. He quoted an example of Peter Parker, a nerd in the past & how a nerd looked at that time & how it differed with how a nerd looked presently. Thus, a nerdy Peter Parker, despite the changed of appearance, must still retain his "nerdiness". (The name doesn't ring a bell? Okay, how about Spider-Man?)

All in all, it's a great talk. The Q&A went fairly smooth with questions rapidly raised & the autograph session after the talk was well managed (Maybe that's because I was the first one in the queue. Haha.)

The autographed Astro City =)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kaulah Segalanya / You're everything (for me)

A follow-up from this post, a translation of the Indonesian song, "Kaulah Segalanya".

Perhaps only God
Who does knows all;
Knows what I do want
at this moment.

You won’t believe it
But you’re always in my heart.
Must I cry
To tell you the truth?

You’re everything for me.
You’re my aspiration.
No way will I forget you
No one else who I want
But you and you alone

*** Repeat (1), (2), (2).

Ruth Sahanaya