Sunday, February 24, 2008

A disappointment -- L: Change the World

SPOILER ALERT. Stop reading this if you intend to watch the movie, "L: Change the World".

My disappointment mainly stems from the fact that the villains in the movie are just lousy. They see humanity as a problem to the earth & thus decide to minimize the population (Yes, that sure sounds like Ra's al Ghul's ideal) by developing some sort of a mutated virus (a hybrid of the deadly Ebola virus with the common, highly contagious Influenza virus).

Hardly original (the use of a hybrid virus as weapon is also introduced--I believe not for the first time, either--in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. II) & not to mention that the baddies are way below the level of Kira's, the antagonist in Death Note movies.

Alfred Hitchcock was once quoted to say, "The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture". This movie, if successful, is surely only because of the hype created thanks to the previous Death Note movies (if you think they are good, try reading the manga.)

Maybe I'm just sore because after the credits roll, the additional scene is VERY brief. It only shows L leaving his chair & a text appears mentioning his real name (it's L Lawliet) & that he rests in peace. Duh. It will be much better if the additional scene is about N (or Near) & how he'll take over L's legacy as a genius & eccentric detective.

Monday, February 18, 2008

"System Error. Your computer was infected by an unknown trojan.

It's dangerous for your system (Critical Files can be lost!).
Click OK to download the antispyware problem to clean your system (Recommended)."

That's the pop-up message frequently appears whenever I use the Internet & in a few occassion when I access 'My Computer'. I don't what the cause is. It doesn't slow down the computer; it's just annoying.

And whenever I try to google, the search page content leads to porn sites. Bloody insulting as if I can't find my own way to such a website.

The problem seems to be solved when I went to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Reset. (Oh, by the way, I'm using Internet Explorer). The pop-up message doesn't appear anymore. But now I view my computer with a bit of distrust. I don't think this 'unknown trojan' has truly gone.

Trying to take it positively, at least now I have another obsession--besides Edison Chen and/or Kira--surfing the Net to find the real solution of this problem. Heh.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Qassia -- come to mama

Join Qassia now. Especially useful for those who like to post links (in Qassia they call it 'intel') in their blogs because by joining Qassia, they'll earn credit for sharing the intels. In addition you'll get a backlink to your blogs for every intel you add. More backlinks will lead to more potential traffic to your blogs (without having to resort to writing too much about Edison Chen or posting the NSFW photos. *snigger snigger*) =)

It is also said in the starting page, that Qassia has 'the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet'.

Oh, and for a brief 12-hour period after joining Qassia, you get no less than $500 Qassia dollars per referral (the standard referral commission is $100).

PS. And really, signing up did take less than a minute. =) Just remember to check your email afterwards to validate your account.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Death of

Or is it 'dearth'? That should be more precise, alright. Five days has passed since the latest article was published. What has happened?

Some speculate that many bloggers could be just tired with the so-called "Bulletin of Singapore Bloggers". I am not one of them. Till today, I am still visiting to check out for any update. And thus this post.

What has happened to That I wonder & I can't help to recall about the problem encountered involving one offensive post about Grand Season International. Resulting to a legal letter served almost a year ago. Come to think about it, I have not heard any outcome of the case. Is it already settled or what? screen capture on 16/02/08

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"We Don't Know Why" drawings/a graphic novel by Sia Joo Hiang

On my way to visit Singapore River HongBao, I passed through the Esplanade & the drawings pasted on the wall stopped me. Sia Joo Hiang, the artist, was inspired by the Straits Times report on the 6 teenagers who were strolling to the Esplanade on 22 April 2007 at about 3 a.m. after all-night birthday celebration. They were attacked & beaten by 16 young men. Sorry, can't find the online news to refer to. Can't tell what happened to the 16 young men. Whether they're eventually caught or not.

The simplicity of the drawings appeals me as well as the yellowish, sepia-like dominant colour. The violence part is repulsive, though. Anyway, check the drawings out before they're taken out.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

UFO sighting yet again...

Sudden humming sounds & a brief sense of déjà vu as I looked up. There it was. Another unidentified flying object as shown below: