Friday, March 21, 2008

Top 3 on 21/03/08 -- Thnks fr th Mmrs,!

(That is to quote from the song by an American band Fall Out Boy, titled "Thnks fr th Mmrs", in short for Thanks for the Memories.)

My post, "You can google 'rednano', but you can't rednano 'google'?" managed to be ponged to the top 10 of "most popular in the last 24 hours" in In fact, top 3, before the clock strikes to the 24th hour & throws my post to oblivion. Still I'm quite happy I happen to be around during its last minute. "23 hours 59 minutes ago". Chuckles. If it's observed by others, I would have said I have a stalker or two. Apparently I am my own stalker. If that's possible.

Screenshot from Ping.Sg 21/03/08

But really. That post is nothing. Consisted of mostly 4 screenshots of what google can do & what rednano cannot do. And a little Anonymousque quote in the beginning of the article, which one can easily deduce as self-fabricated.

Now it's possible that others, upon reading this post, would start to regret that they pong-ed my post. Pingsters, I have my eyes on you...

Screenshot with the 23 pingsters

...nah, just kidding. =)

PS. I am never into rock songs, but the hilarious YouTube clip, "Thnks fr th Mmrs" might have played a big part to convert me.

Fall Out Boy: Thnks fr th Mmrs

Amazing Nintendo Facts

You've got to see the YouTube clip from ZackScott: "Amazing Nintendo Facts". *grin* By the way, kinda miss the old console or the one which officially is known as Nintendo Entertainment System. =)

Oh, wait...Now you can rednano 'google'!!

In the previous post, WishBone commented that is "supposed to be searching for local context", which was rightly dismissed by Farinelli because "there's always".

So I decided to check whether could locate ''. As shown below, it can't. (If you wonder whether google can search '', it can).

But, but...before you start condemning, I notice too that now it can rightly search & pinpoint the keyword, 'google':

So was I mistaken yesterday? Not really. The screenshots of the previous article should be quite an evidence. However, perhaps, more time (and acceptance or willingness to try...whatever) should be given to before this search engine can really work to netizens' satisfaction. After all, it's still a beta version.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You can google 'rednano', but you can't rednano 'google'?

"A good search engine should be able to search & identify another search engine." (Anonymous, yeah right). Quite surprisingly, the recently launched fails to locate 'google' homepage rightly. Screenshots as follows:

1.Google the keyword, 'rednano'

2.The Google result page managed to locate 'rednano'

3. But try to rednano the keyword, 'google'...

4. You can't see rednano's correct result for 'Google'.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Toilet Trouble: "Urines and vomits and shits, oh my!"

Allow me to whine and to release the residual anger and disgust.

I went to sleep last Sunday exhausted after a long night search for Mas Selamat Kastari . (Ha! I wish!) Exhausted that's all. But I was awaken by a sickening smell from my toilet.

Slowly I pushed the door opened. The smell got even stronger & as I switched on the light, I saw what got to be the most disgusting sight I ever saw live so far. The toilet which was flooded with urines, vomits & shits. Oh, fuck!

My first fear was that the flood would continue to rise. I was anxious to prevent this blackwater (Yes, that's what they call it. Seriously!) from reaching my bedroom floor.

At first glance, the water level had stay constant. At second glance, I vomitted. At third glance, I decided to google for 24-hour plumbers & waited for the rescue. It never came. "I am on the way. Another 30 minutes" that's what I kept hearing every time I asked where the fuck the plumber was currently.

It's about 2 o'clock in the morning & I decided to give up. (Maybe 24-hour plumbers mean that they would attend to you after 24 hours.) Couldn't sleep because of the stink, I steeled my self to scoop out the damn water from the toilet.

Applying tiger balm on my nose, I finished the ordeal by 4.30 in the morning. The toilet floor was at least dried & I fell asleep before dragging myself to work.

I was a sleepy man working & I realized it's just a matter of time before my boss screamed at me for not being myself. (That's the trouble of always giving 100% of yourself at work. It will be very noticeable when your productivity plunges). I requested an urgent leave.

Fell asleep in the taxi & found out that I left my keys in the company. My Monday blue was getting bluer. I went back to the office & got my key. Too damn tired to even properly berate myself.

The taxi delivered me safely. And I was greeted by a smelly room & a wet floor. My bedroom was flooded! I felt like crying & taking my shotgun to massacre my upper neighbors. The thought amused me & I calmed down.

Emotionless, I cried for help. The plumber (different one, mind you) came, he saw & he smiled at the simplicity of the problem.

The pipe was choked at the elbow. Some idiots flushed a plastic bottle which later got stuck at that section. As I stayed in the lower floor, the pressure of the water pushed into my toilet drains & thus, the fucking dirty blackwater entered uninvited.

The toilet problem was solved. The quest of cleaning my bedroom & toilet awaited me. Eventually done, it managed to sap my fury. My upper neighbors didn't know how lucky they were.

PS. The title of the post is inspired by "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" from the movie, The Wizard of Oz (1939).