Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still Nothing Quite as Interesting as Horses Sighted at Junction 8 Shopping Center

Either that as a title or "Junction 8 Shopping Center: It's more exciting with horses", a rip off from Singapore Turf Club. The two horses (photos below for no.8 "ClothesHORSE" & no.9 "MediaCorp TV Horse") are a tribute to this year Singapore International Racing Festival from 13/04 to 18/05.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

By offering my seat at MRT, the old man deduced my nationality...

"No, thanks" he smiled as I stood & gestured the now-empty seat to him. Did not insist as it may hurt his pride. So I sat back & pretended to busy myself reading the newuniversal.

"You are not Singaporean, are you?" he popped up the question.

"No, I am not. And how do you know about it, uncle?" Surely not from my accent as I didn't say a word to him. Just a gesture, that's all.

"You see, Singaporeans do not normally offer seats to old people." he sighed.

"Are you a Singaporean yourself, uncle? You sure don't sound like one."

"Well, I am a Singapore citizen. A Eurasian."

Ah. Silent awkward moments as I felt glares from the rest of the passengers. Did we talk too loud? Or were they just offended by the old man's remark of Singaporeans not normally offering their seats to old people?

I just wanted to read the graphic novel in peace, dammit. Not being talkative myself, I decided to exit on the next stop. Perhaps the old man could make good use of the now-really-empty seat I left.

Being courteous--or to be precise, simply doing things what ought to be done--could have been easier if people are willing to accept the act.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Appearances of Zhao Zilong (Zhao Yun) in Luo Guanzhong's Romance of Three Kingdoms

The movie, "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon" which is about the character, Zhao Zilong (Zhao Yun) is a disappointment. It, however, intrigues me to find out how prominent this Tiger General really in 120 chapters of Romance of Three Kingdoms. Can't google it. Manually Ctrl-F & found out that he was featured (at very least, mentioned) in 49 chapters listed as follows:

Chapter 7
Yuan Shao Fights Gongsun Zan At The River Pan;
Sun Jian Attacks Liu Biao Across The Great River.

Chapter 11
Liu Bei Rescues Kong Rong At Beihai;
Lu Bu Defeats Cao Cao Near Puyang.

Chapter 21
In A Plum Garden, Cao Cao Discusses Heroes;
Using The Host's Forces, Guan Yu Takes Xuzhou.

Chapter 28
Putting Cai Yang To Death, The Brothers' Doubts Disappear;
Meeting At Gucheng, Lord and Lieges Fortify Each Other.

Chapter 31
Cao Cao Overcomes Yuan Shao In Cangting;
Liu Bei Seeks Shelter With Liu Biao In Jingzhou.

Chapter 34
Behind The Screen, Lady Cai Overhears A Secret;
Across The Tan Torrent, The Dilu Horse Carries Its Master.

Chapter 35
Liu Bei Meets A Recluse At Nanzhang;
Shan Fu Sees A Noble Lord At Xinye.

Chapter 36
Shan Fu's Strategy: Fankou Is Captured;
Xu Shu's Affection: Zhuge Liang Is Recommended.

Chapter 39
At Jingzhou, The Son Of Liu Biao Thrice Begs Advice;
At Bowang Slope, The Directing Instructor Plans His First Battle.

Chapter 40
Lady Cai Renounces Jingzhou;
Zhuge Liang Burns Xinye.

Chapter 41
Liu Bei Leads His People Over The River;
Zhao Zilong Rescues The Child Lord At Dangyang.

Chapter 42
Screaming Zhang Fei Triumphs At Long Slope Bridge;
Defeated Liu Bei Marches To Hanjin.

Chapter 43
Zhuge Liang Disputes With The Southern Scholars;
Lu Su Denounces The Majority Opinion.

Chapter 45
At The Three Gorges, Cao Cao Loses Soldiers;
In The Gathering Of Heroes, Jiang Gan Is Trapped.

Chapter 49
On Seven-Star Altar, Zhuge Liang Sacrifices To The Winds;
At Three Gorges, Zhou Yu Liberates The Fire.

Chapter 50
Zhuge Liang Foresees The Huarong Valley Episode;
Guan Yu Lifts His Saber To Release Cao Cao.

Chapter 51
Cao Ren Withstands The South Land;
Zhuge Liang Angers Zhou Yu.

Chapter 52
Zhuge Liang Negotiates With Lu Su;
Zhao Zilong Captures Guiyang.

Chapter 53
Guan Yu Releases Huang Zhong;
Sun Quan Fights With Zhang Liao.

Chapter 54
The Dowager Marchioness Sees Her Son-In-Law;
The Imperial Uncle Takes A Worthy Consort.

Chapter 55
Liu Bei Rouses The Spirit Of Lady Sun;
Zhuge Liang A Second Time Angers Zhou Yu.

Chapter 56
Cao Cao Feasts In The Bronze Bird Tower;
Zhuge Liang Provokes Zhou Yu A Third Time.

Chapter 57
Sleeping Dragon Mourns In Chaisang;
Young Phoenix Intervenes At Leiyang.

Chapter 60
Zhang Song Turns The Table On Yang Xiu;
Pang Tong Proposes The Occupation Of Shu.

Chapter 61
In The River, Zhao Zilong Recovers Liu Shan;
With One Letter, Sun Quan Repulses Cao Cao.

Chapter 63
Zhuge Liang Mourns For Pang Tong;
Zhang Fei Releases Yan Yan.

Chapter 64
Zhuge Liang Plans For The Capture Of Zhang Ren;
Yang Fu Borrows Soldiers To Destroy Ma Chao.

Chapter 65
Ma Chao Battles At Jiameng Pass;
Liu Bei Takes Over Yizhou.

Chapter 70
Zhang Fei Takes Wakou Pass With Tactics;
Huang Zhong Captures Tiandang Mountain By Stratagem.

Chapter 71
At Opposite Hill, Huang Zhong Scores A Success;
On The River Han, Zhao Zilong Conquers A Host.

Chapter 72
Zhuge Liang's Wit Takes Hanzhong;
Cao Cao's Army Retires To The Ye Valley.

Chapter 73
Liu Bei Becomes The Prince Of Hanzhong;
Guan Yu Marches To Attack Xiangyang.

Chapter 77
Cao Cao Is Possessed At Luoyang;
Guan Yu Manifests At The Jade Spring Mount.

Chapter 80
Cao Pi Deposes The Emperor, Taking Away The Fortunes of Han;
Liu Bei Assumes The Throne, Continuing The Heritage.

Chapter 81
Eager For Vengeance, Zhang Fei Is Assassinated;
Athirst Of Retribution, The First Ruler Goes To War.

Chapter 84
Lu Xun Burns All Consecutive Camps;
Zhuge Liang Plans The Eight-Array Maze.

Chapter 85
The First Ruler Confides His Son To A Guardian;
The Prime Minister Calmly Settles Five Attacks.

Chapter 86
Using Words, Qin Mi Overcomes Zhang Wen;
Setting Fire, Xu Sheng Defeats Cao Pi.

Chapter 87
Conquering The South Mang, The Prime Minister Marches The Army;
Opposing Heaven Troops, The King Of The Mangs Is Captured.

Chapter 88
Crossing River Lu: The Mang King Is Bound The Second Time;
Recognizing A Pretend Surrender: Meng Huo Is Captured The Third Time.

Chapter 89
The Lord of Wuxiang Uses The Fourth Ruse;
The King of Mang Is Captured The Fifth Time.

Chapter 90
Chasing Off Wild Beasts, The Prime Minister Defeats The Mangs For The Sixth Time;
Burning Rattan Armors, Zhuge Liang Captures Meng Huo The Seventh Time.

Chapter 91
Sacrificing At River Lu, The Prime Minister Marches Homeward;
Attacking Wei, The Lord Of Wuxiang Presents A Memorial.

Chapter 92
Zhao Zilong Slays Five Generals;
Zhuge Liang Takes Three Cities.

Chapter 93
Jiang Wei Goes Over To Zhuge Liang;
Zhuge Liang Reviles Wang Lang.

Chapter 94
Zhuge Liang Defeats The Qiangs In A Snowstorm;
Sima Yi Captures Meng Da By A Rapid March.

Chapter 95
Ma Su's Disobedience Causes The Loss Of Jieting;
Zhuge Liang's Lute Repulses The Army Of Sima Yi.

Chapter 96
Shedding Tears, Zhuge Liang Puts Ma Su To Death;
Cutting Hair, Zhou Fang Beguiles Cao Xiu.

Chapter 97
Sending A Second Memorial, Zhuge Liang Renews The Attack On Wei;
Forging A Letter, Jiang Wei Defeats The Northern Army.

2 top-10 posts at succumb to self-censorhip?!

Annoying. (Especially so because I had lost the chance to read what the articles about. The screenshots below show the excerpts of the posts. Only the excerpts).

The top-10 list at I referred to is today's one. Take a look at #3 & #9, titled "Departure of a staff and down the rabbit hole" & "Reasons Why I Resigned" respectively. Both links when clicked will eventually lead to "The blog you were looking for was not found." page.

Whatever made the two bloggers to remove their articles is now a mystery and I really should not waste my time trying to speculate about the reasons. The only thing left to do is to 'poof' them due to 'no content'. Evil grin. (As if that will make any difference).

Top-10 20/04/08

From Post #3

From Post #9

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who doesn't want to believe "The X-Files: I Want To Believe"?

Believe it, X-Files movie title is out. A pity, it's merely the title, though. Can't seem to find out the trailer about the show, not even in YouTube. (They have the links to the clips but I failed to view them).

Oh well, the tease is out there for sure. Till then, I'd just have to console myself by reading X-Files Wiki.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"NUS FEMALE student who need packet money S$xxx/- per month" | First it was $200, and then it's $250?!

And I thought it was just a joke. A bad joke. It's not. It's not one, but TWO bad jokes. (Check out the screenshots below.) About an advertisement (now, it's TWO, dangling the reward of $250, up from $200) seeking for NUS female students who need packet money S$xxx/- per month interested in "no-string-attached" discreet and confidential relationship for monthly once.

Why NUS? (This the latest fetish? I did key in the keywords "NTU female students", but no result pages produced.)

Why monthly once? (That's pathetic)

The poster of the ads allegedly claimed to be doing Master’s in NUS on part-time basis. That, IF true, can explain the rare frequency of 'monthly once'. Ought to be busy doing a Master part-time, I guess.

Any NUS FEMALE student need packet money S$200/- per month

NUS FEMALE student who need packet money S$250/- per month

"Million Blog List" -- I claim #338.

The site "Million Blog List" intends to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blogs to list themselves there. Or so it claims. I'd say it's a smart & interesting way to get more ads revenue with bloggers registering their blogs in the list.

Don't get me wrong. I find it refreshing & at the same time, it's entertaining to see how bloggers 'describe' their own sites.

Take list #183 for example. 'eastcoastlife' describe her site as "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. When someone wants to harm my son, I take them on."

Or at list #230 'the coffe journal' with accompanying remark of "The journal lives in Singapore. The journal drinks coffee. The journal loves or hates what it drinks. The journal tells you to try it, or not. The journal takes no responsibility if you do or don't. The journal loves you."

And this list #344 for the blog I'd Rather Be Blogging: "Yeah, I should be doing laundry, yardwork, cleaning the house or planning meals. But frankly, I'D RATHER BE BLOGGING."

Heh. As per now, the list stops at #376. Let's see how long the list reaches the 1,000,000 mark.

deadpris vs ShadowFox -- Celebrity (they wish?) Deathmatch (I wish!)

The latest blog war about one obsolete issue of 'anti-homosexuality', which resurfaced thanks to a pingster, deadpris (or priss) casting a vote to ban from another pingster, ShadowFox.

What a bloody celebrity deadmatch they two will present to the news-hungry blogosphere.

I was catching up with the articles when I chatted briefly at the shoutbox this morning with rinaz & chillycrap. The latter rightly pointed out that many bloggers would "join the bandwagon" i.e. to exploit the heat to blog their own take about the war with ultimate goal of grabbing more traffic to their sites.

We bloggers are pathetic. Well, some of us. At least those with whatever little conscience left.

Anyway, what's my take about these deadpris vs. ShadowFox? I'll reserve my opinion for the time being at least till the deadmatch between them ends. Unlikely soon, though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toilet Trouble is a problem everywhere--thus the signboard.

Can easily guess where the photo was taken. The point is there must be some incidents in the past where the frustrated toilet cleaner witnessed pools of pee lying everywhere but in the toilet bowls.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Run Moviegoer Run

First released on 03/04 was the movie, Run Fat Boy Run followed closely behind with Run Papa Run expected shown on 10/04. There must be some sort of a hidden message given by the gods of cinema--if there are such things--for moviegoers to start picking up a sport, namely running?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A "home run" is a "home run" for both Google & rednano | Paul Jensen's not a Google user?

Came across this article, "Interview with the man behind", in which Paul Jensen, CEO of SPH Search, quoted "home run" as an example of keywords where pointed rightly (to Jack Neo's film) as opposed to Google's interpretation as baseball term.

Well, he is only right if he's using Google & choosing to "search the web" instead of "search pages from Singapore". The latter would point to the same expected result of Jack Neo's Home Run. Bad example, Paul? Or simply a case of someone misquoted you?

rednano's result of 'home run'

Google's result of 'home run'

Google-rednano related articles:
1. You can google 'rednano', but you can't rednano 'google'?
2. Oh, wait...Now you can rednano 'google'!!