Thursday, July 31, 2008

The winner for $8m Toto draw on 08.08.08 is...

...Singapore Pools!! Who else? I can imagine such a long queue of hopeful (or is it hopeless?) people betting their hard-earned money for the $8m jackpot prize.

Cashing in on what many see as an auspicious date which comes once-in-a-century, Singapore Pools will hold a 'Triple Eight' draw next Friday - 08.08.08 - with a jackpot prize of $8 million.

The draw will take place at the Paradiz Centre at 9.30pm on Aug 8.

Ticket sales for this draw starts on Thursday at 6.10pm and will close at 9pm on Aug 8, 30 minutes before the draw.

Singapore Pools will offer special packs priced at $10, $28, $88 and $188. The $188 pack contains eight Toto tickets and only 8,888 packs are up for grabs.

Full story in article, "$8m Toto draw on 08.08.08".

By the way, from Singapore Pools' Toto $8 Million Draw site:
$188 Toto Pack - Toto Tickets from 8 lucky outlets:
8 tickets x 6 boards of QuickPick System 7
(One ticket each from 8 outlets with the highest winning frequency)
2 x $10 Scratchit! tickets (Pre-launch exclusive to the pack)

The selected Top 8 lucky outlets are :
7-Eleven Yishun (Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5), Fatt Chye Heng Trading (Blk 10 Hougang Ave 7), Kim Chwee Trading (Blk 256 Jurong Eest St 24), Murugan Sports & Video Pte Ltd (Blk 204 Bedok North St 1), Ng Teo Guan Service (Blk 301 Ubi Ave 1), NTUC FairPrice Tanjong Pagar (Blk 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza), Singapore Pools Hougang N1 Branch (Blk 106 Hougang Ave 1) and Teo Sook Cheng Agency (Blk 292 Yishun St22)

Available while stocks last from 6 August (8am) at 88 Singapore Pools branches only.

Now that's interesting, but I'm still doubtful I'll have patience & time to waste for queueing. Heh.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Greener pastures are just a click away at | Click, click, click

There are reasons for someone to quit his/her current job & to look for a new one. It could be because currently there are too many overtime works (which can be bad especially if such a duty is unpaid!). Another reason may be due to the person’s wish to spend more time with his/her family. He/she may have just started a family or if the person is single, he/she may prefer having more time to take care the aging parents. Other possibility could simply be that the person is just tired of doing the same works & thinking about a career change.

There are many other reasons, which vary to individuals.

Regardless of the reason—if you are one of those seeking for other jobs—you may want to consider trying out or Singapore Jobs & Recruitment from

Singapore Jobs & Recruitment -

Looking for jobs in Singapore has never been easy! The site even has a Guided Tour which consists of only 10 slides. That’s how user-friendly it is.

Guided Tour - Slide 1

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So give it a try. Being a member doesn’t cost you anything & hey, that dream job may just become reality. You’ll never know. Not till you give it a try.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Funeral and The Law of Grieving

You just grieve. That's the single Law of Grieving. You grieve and hopefully, you'll some day move on.

I reached back home that Thursday morning and I was still on time to witness how my father's body was still lying on the table waiting to be placed into the coffin.

There's a little prayer before that. I don't really care. I just wanted to be left alone with my father so I was angry with the well-intention 'outsiders' who came & sing the prayers.

And I was ashamed that these 'outsiders' must witness me shedding tears for my father. Yeah, especially that.

But the grief just surged from my chest to my throat. Burnt my eyes till tears trickled. Couldn't be resisted.

And I was not alone. My mother & my siblings were apparently battling their hell of misery. We cried silently as the song continued.

With the grief came along all those memory of the times I spent with my dad. Those memory that I evidently did not treasure--nevertheless never buried & laid forgotten, either.

Afterwards the body was lifted into the coffin.

And for a day, the coffin was left unclosed for those 'outsiders' to come & pay respect. The siblings & I took turn to host them. Just realized how the guests--beside giving their last goodbye to my dad--also did their best to distract us from being sad.

It became a sort of reunion for us. Where we started to catch up what happened in one another's life. Nice, warm feeling & there were laughters without any frowning at us.

Then came Friday when the night we would have a Requiem Mass. A Bible reading from the Book of Job--not the whole chapters, just about Job's First Test. More prayers & more songs. The same songs which reminded us just the day before when we had to see how frail my dad looked as he was laid into the coffin. Salt water wells in my eyes, one singer might once say. Damn right. It was salty.

The Mass was ended with we all pouring an oil onto my dad, followed by closing of the coffin.

On Saturday, we continued to play host for the guests. And I learnt more about my dad's youth which he did not share to his family. Remorse again as I knew how bad I had been as his son for not trying to get to know my father when he was still alive.

Get to know your parents. You never know when they'll be gone for good. I should have known & practised that!!

Sunday came & it's the time for my dad to be cremated. Another session of songs & prayers which we ended with us putting flowers along the perimeter of the coffin.

It was subsequently sent to the crematorium furnace. As the coffin entered the retort, we slipped to another level of grief.

Two hours passed & we're allowed to see the dry bone fragments. These would be pulverized using a cremulator to produce the ashes or the cremains. They were stored into an urn.

Previously my siblings had chosen a spot in a columbarium nearby so we walked there with me holding the urn & my nephews & nieces carrying my dad's photo, a cross, a rosary and flowers.

We placed the urn at the columbarium spot sized 37 cm width, 38 cm height & 50 cm depth. Another session of prayers & songs before we muttered our final farewell which was also the moment my father's younger brother finally broke down & cried.

It's time to move on--literally & figuratively speaking, for sure--but I know I would do my best to return home this coming weekend for the memorial mass held at the columbarium.

Ironic how I tried to be closer with my dad only after he left this world.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On how to get a Valuair flight ticket booked on the same day with the departure date.

(Just a strange compulsion to keep writing. No matter whatever the topic is. Oh, well...)

Okay. Imagine you have an emergency that requires you to fly on the same day. But when you try to book online, there is a message saying that for the booking for the flight on the same day, you need to purchase the ticket in the sales counter at the airport.

One example is the Jetstar / Valuair website.

But wait, it is possible to do the booking. Let's say you want to fly today (10/07). So what you need to do is when you choose the date of departure, you select the date tomorrow (11/07).

After the result page appears, you then click the date before i.e. 10/07. (The result page usually shows 3 dates: the day before, the chosen date, and the day after.)

There you go. Simple. And yes, it does work.

Good bye, dad. Heaven will be like a 24-hour library for you.

My dad passed away. Some time after midnight, I was called by my brother. He did not ask me to go home. No, he didn't. (Such a great brother he is, he always empathizes with my working life.)

He just called to inform about how my father had a heart attack during his health check in hospital. And how he succumbed after 20-minute efforts from doctors to revive his heart. He is at rest now.

If Heaven does exist, I believe it will be one Great Library filled with thousands books & equipped with a wonderful search engine where you can locate & find the book. The Library which opens 24 hours daily. The Library where we can read in peace & discuss about what we like most about the books.

Reserve a seat for me, dad.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good job, Hancock, good job!

That overly-said & insincere words, "Good job" by Hancock really crack me up. Especially as in the previous scene, the PR executive Ray was seen persistently & patiently teaching Hancock to say it. Hancock did have a good point. "If the police are doing a good job, I won't be required. So why should I tell them Good Job?" He asked incredulously.

YouTube - Handcock Clip: Good Job

In the end, he relented & when he was called out from the prison to handle some hard-core bank robbery, he was generously muttering Good Job to the police despite the fact that the situation was out of hand. To the point, one of them raised his eyebrows & replied, "Yes, you said it already!"

Another part of the show that tickles me is in the prison group sharing session where the inmates were sharing about themselves one by one as the rest listened & encouraged without any criticism or argument. Hancock participated although most of them he only said "Pass" when it was his turn to speak. Till at last, he shared shortly about himself & the rest of the prisoners were seen nodding & clapping. Exaggerating, but heart-warming.

Do catch the show if you want to see a 'hostile' superhero who saves lives without any regard to the property damage (Hancock captured three criminals & the by-product destruction cost the city $9 million) & if you want to witness a truly fearless and rude character ("Your breath smells like alcohol!" said one lady after Hancock rescued Ray from the train. To which he retorted, "That's cause I've been drinking, bitch!").

You can check the trailer of the show at Hancock - Official Site here.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 "Bandwidth Exceeded" is artificial?

Curious for an update for "jean vs john" debacle, I visited the blog, just now. Instead of the usual setting of posts, the remark "Bandwidth Exceeded" was shown. The curious part, however, is that the advertisement can STILL appear.

Is that possible? So I checked the 'source' code of

And I realize that the remark "Bandwidth Exceeded" is part of the source. If I were some girl lost in some wonder land, I might comment: "Curiouser and curiouser!", but as per now I'd say it's interesting & perhaps it's time to learn more about what 'Exceeded Bandwidth' actually means.

Fear is...

...when you all of sudden realize that your handphone is not in the usual pocket & your thought jumps to the worst possibility that you have those black-out moments (when you don't really tune to the present, when you're not being yourself and when you're just simply lost yourself in, say, Work) & that you may have simply discarded the phone without thinking to a rubbish bin.

I went to dig some rubbish bins. Two damned bins.

To be continued to "Relief is..."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Facebook's Terms of Use may just be a guideline.

After all, not just Reach Singapore has Facebook account. Other worldwide organizations--for example: UNICEF Youth Voice, National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, and International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association--do have their own Facebook profiles.

Do they have troubles? Well, not that I know. Although I am sure everywhere else there's always someone who clings to the rules & regulations oh-so-tightly that he/she may cry out about how certain "non-compliance" has happened.

Yeah, I'm referring to Choong Yong's post, "Reach Singapore violates Facebook Terms of Use":

If the person who signed up the Facebook profile has actually spent enough time in the Facebook community to understand what Facebook really is and how it works, or if the person has taken the time to read the Terms of Use, it would be apparent that the Reach Singapore profile has violated the Facebook’s terms of use.

Quoting from Facebook’s Terms of Use:

"In addition, you agree not to use the Service or the Site to:

register for more than one User account, register for a User account on behalf of an individual other than yourself, or register for a User account on behalf of any group or entity;"

Choong Yong is indeed very sharp to notice that. And despite of my few examples of how other organizations abroad 'committed' the similar 'violation', one may argue (and rightly so) that it is just not an excuse.

But why so rigid? Think what the consequences of this so-called 'violation'. Sorry, I can't find any. So perhaps that's why Facebook do not enforce this particular Terms of Use. Heck, they may even want to consider to review their other rules as some may prove to be obsolete or redundant.