Monday, October 27, 2008

Grave Joy (Rip-off/Inspired from Yusuf ibn Harun al-Ramadi's Slave Boy)

Well, I did follow his rhymes & the no of syllables of his each line. Just for a fun of it. Heh.

Grave Joy

They hit the bed
to sail through the night’s darkness
out of fatigue and smear
of their booty.

They dreamt of the Fight
and their murdered spawn.

Which is admittedly a rip-off from Yusuf ibn Harun al-Ramadi's poem, Slave Boy.

Slave Boy

They shaved his head
to clothe him in ugliness
out of jealousy and fear
of his beauty.

They erased the night
and left him in dawn.

A much better poem (and not to mention, original). =) I like the brevity of the sentences. Yeah, almost like a haiku.

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