Monday, October 27, 2008

Join OKTO Community | OK TO be me because...

Seriously those who think the new TV channel OKTO is just for children, they're mistaken. Take a look at the screenshot of OKTO Community website below. So far there have been 6 individuals rated for-sure-not-children in the OKTO Community.

They have all put up their photos with the reason of why it's OK TO be them. Kind of a non sequitur, I'd say. Especially the one with "OK TO be me because life's too short to think of things immaterial!" Heh.

So I wonder if I were to join the community & if I come up with an equally illogical reason of why it's OK TO be me, what would it be? "OK TO be me's not OK TO be you."? Nah, still a bit logical. How about "OK TO be me because...I am working even during Saturdays and Sundays."? That sucks. And bitter. How about "OK TO be me because...I said so." There's still a logic there. Hmmm, it's not easy of being irrelevant. Oh well...

PS. You too can join the community by submitting your photo to (it's a simple photo of you holding a piece of paper with a written "OK TO be me because put-your-reason-here).

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