Saturday, October 25, 2008

Year End Movie Guide: "Yes Man" & "The Spirit"

From the 12 movies listed in Year End Movie Guide, I'm only interested in "Yes Man" & "The Spirit".

The movie, "Yes Man" is based on the true story and a 2005 biography 'Yes Man' by British humorist Danny Wallace. (Source: Wikipedia on "Yes Man")

Take a look at the synopsis of the book:

"I, Danny Wallace, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write this manifesto for my life. I swear I will be more open to opportunity. I swear I will live my life taking every available chance. I will say Yes to every favour, request, suggestion and invitation. I will swear to say yes where once I would say no.'

Danny Wallace had been staying in. Far too much. Having been dumped by his girlfriend, he really wasn't doing the young, free and single thing very well. Instead, he was avoiding people. Texting them instead of calling them. Calling them instead of meeting them. That is until that one fateful date when a mystery man on a late-night bus told him to 'Say Yes more'. These three simple words changed Danny's life forever.

"Yes Man" is the story of what happened when Danny decided to say yes to everything, in order to make his life more interesting. And boy, did it get more interesting.

I bet it will be a hilarious one. Moreover, it's starred by Jim Carrey! Heh.

From Wikipedia about the film, "The Spirit":
The Spirit (also known as Will Eisner's The Spirit) is an upcoming 2008 American film adaptation based on the newspaper strip of the same name created by Will Eisner.

Enough said. Though I have not read Will Eisner's The Spirit (partially because of the style of the drawing is not much to my liking), I'd be very curious to see how the movie will be with Frank Miller as its writer-director.

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