Sunday, November 02, 2008

Book Review: The Serial Killers Club

The Serial Killers Club is a suspense, yet comedic fiction written by Jeff Povey.

The book starts with telling how the narrator after accidentally kills his attacker, realizes that the latter is a serial killer. Curiosity being such an irresistible force, the narrator just has to check the dead man's wallet. Inside the wallet, he finds out a newspaper ad by Errol Flynn inviting him to join a Club.

Errol Flynn is a famous Australian film actor who has long been dead. The narrator is aware of that & curious who this Errol Flynn who invites him. He decides to go to Chicago & presents himself (taking an identity of the dead serial killer) in the Club.

He is terrified when he finds himself that the members of the Club are all serial killers. At the same time, he is excited & soon becomes hooked with the Club. He chooses a membership name of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. or in short, Dougie. (Yes, all members in the Club takes a membership name of famous movie stars'.

Dougie is so addicted to the Club that he is willing to kill other members who are getting suspicious about him. After all, the narrator refuses to kill innocent people & gives an excuse of suffering a killer's block (Think about writer's block). The membership soon declines from 18 to 10.

The hilarious part begins when one FBI agent, Kennet Wade observes that Dougie has been killing the Club's members & mistakenly thought that Dougie is in "crusade" of ridding the country of serial killers. The FBI agent forces Dougie to finish the job within 2 months.

More complication begins as Dougie falls in love with one of the members & another mysterious serial killer is introduced in the story. The latter being nicknamed a KFC killer as the victims are always found with a KFC bucket on their heads.

This KFC killer seems to target the members of the Club as well. Why it is so & who this KFC killer is--Dougie must solve the mystery before he too is killed. (He is suspicious that agent Wade is the KFC killer whereas agent Wade is suspicious that Dougie himself is the killer.)

You will love the book because it is light-hearted despite touching on a grim topic of serial killers (Interestingly to note, all serial killers in the novel blame their mothers for making them who they are.) I finish reading the book within 1 night. It is like watching a movie with you eagerly turn pages after pages to see what happens next.

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