Monday, November 10, 2008

Donating Blood for Myself | Autologous Blood Transfusion (ABT)

From Health Sciences Authority - Donating Blood for Myself:

In event that you are scheduled for surgery and might require a blood transfusion during the procedure, you can choose to donate blood for your own use beforehand.

Such a blood donation is known as Autologous Blood Transfusion (ABT).

The two benefits quoted are minimal risk of allergic reaction & risk of any infectious diseases. Makes sense, indeed.

It's interesting to note that a fee is chargeable & that you can make further donations once every three days. I'm not really surprised about the fee, but I do wonder whether every-three-days blood donation is safe. Even if you take all those iron supplements...

More information about ABT, call this no: 6213 0626.

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