Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photos Galore: Big Eat Out! The Peranakan Museum (22/11/08)

Listed below 29 photos of the event, including the tragic shot of Mark Lee's behind at Peranakan Museum. (Tragic, because I couldn't snap another photo of him properly from in front--like the rest of decent photographers--due to the incooperative, dying battery of my camera. Boo hoo!!)

Anyway here they are:

1. Came slightly before 12 pm & noticed the flea market merchandises being prepared.

2. There was a car parked nearby. More about it later.

3. The event was organized by; you'll be able to see many of this T-Shirt floating around.

4. One reluctant photographer suddenly realized--albeit, too late--that he's too become the target of my camera.

5. In front of one of the stalls, NASI PADANG SABAR MENANTI II .

6. I was seduced by the description of Nasi Padang Set 2.

7. ...which meal was shown on the above photo. Heh. Spicy!!


9...which was from this stall (The owner was annoyed with me taking the shot, even though I bought the popiah earlier!)

10. Attempting to take the overall view of the stalls; the lady rushed forward right in front of me.

11. ...and so did this lady.

12. Finally the ladies got tired of foiling my shots & I took the unobstructed shot.

13. Tempted to try this THYE HONG FRIED HOKKIEN MEE. Relatively cheaper compared to the rest. Only 2 coupons (1 coupon = $1).

14. Likewise for this SAJIS INDIAN FOOD. There were a long queue for the Indian Rujak. With 3 coupons, you could get 6 choices of assorted pieces. (Later towards the end of the day, it was cut to 4 pieces only! Darn...)

15. This stall, KWONG SATAY, was surprisingly quite quiet one. At least, during the time when I took the photo.

16. Likewise for this PERAMAKAN stall. (Also during the time when I shot, perhaps later they were getting more crowded).

17. Back to no.14, SAJIS INDIAN FOOD. The cooks in action...

18. HILL STREET CHAR KWAY TEOW was another stall that I wished I had more stamina to try its char kway teow. Many tried. The aroma, hmm....

19. No idea, though, about this HOCK LAM BEEF stall. Will definitely give it a try next time.

20. The good OLD CHANG KEE. Enough said. =)

21. Back to the flea market. There were 30 stalls altogether.

22. ...which mostly sold female stuff!! (I was hunting for some books. Nada!)

23. One or two stalls did sell t-shirts for guys. I bought one just because I was impressed at how helpful the stall owner was. He was offering to hold my bags as I browsed through the shirts. Nice customer service.

24. Have I told you that there were tables arranged under two tentages for people to eat?

25. Explanation for no.2.

26. Near the counter where the food coupons ($10 or $5) could be bought. They also sold t-shirts at $19.90. No, thank you...

27. When I said t-shirts floating around, I mean it...

28. The food coupons also came with an entry to the Peranakan Museum right beside it. Nice way to chill down & leisurely digest your meal as you enjoyed the three-level galleries.

29. Took a lot of photos in the museum (for another post, perhaps) such that I could only took Mark Lee's back from the 2nd floor. I like to notice how the girl mirrored Mark's body language. Or was it the other way around? Haha.

PS. It's not just about gluttony. From the site, " Big Eat Out! Peranakan Museum": "Proceeds from the food coupons you purchase will go towards supporting the Andrew and Grace Home, Operation Smile and Jamiyah Darul Ma'wa charities." feel better already?

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