Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12 Storeys--a book, not a movie review

Who haven't heard of the movie, 12 Storeys directed by Eric Khoo? That film won him the Federation of International Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Award, the UOB Young Cinema Award at the 10th Singapore International Film Festival, and the Golden Maile Award for Best Picture at the 17th Hawaii International Films Festival. 12 Storeys was also the first Singapore film to be invited to take part in the Cannes Film Festival. (Soure: Wikipedia entry on Eric Khoo)

It's a shame that I didn't manage to catch the show.

Finding the book, "12 Storeys" in a library was enough a consolation. Here I finally know what the story is all about. Reading the book is a breeze.

James Toh--who was also a co-writer for the movie--writes the book in such a familiar way with topics which Singaporeans find familiar: a lonely overweight lady living a sad life haunted by verbal abuses from her dead adopted mother, a Singaporean successful noodle-hawker struggling in his marriage with a China wife, and an older brother playing a role of parents to his promiscous younger sister & rebellious brother.

These 3 unrelated issues share a common that they all happen in one 12-storey HDB & within a time span of 1 day. They're witnessed by a ghost of a man who in the beginning of the story committed suicide (it's not really clear why, but it has to do with his medical reports).

Thus the interesting way of telling the story: the ghost uses a "First Person point of view" as he narrates about what happens to himself whereas the rest of the characters are written using "Third Person Omniscient" perspective. By using such a style, readers are able to read the thoughts & feelings of the characters.

I hope "12 Storeys" won't be the only "Screen-to-Print" book from Eric Khoo's movies. Let's have his other films, "Mee Pok Man", "Be With Me" & "My Magic" out in the bookstores soon. Heh.

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