Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Darn hilariously sarcastic: Gallery of Unfortunate Christmas Cards

Haha. You've just to check this Gallery of Unfortunate Chirstmas Cards out as well as their often-literal explanations.

I especially like the card no.1's:

There's nothing that sums up Christmas quite like the eyes of an excited child... unless those eyes are strange black holes with pin-point lights shining from them and set way too far apart. If this were my daughter, I'd be asking the wife if she remembers any strange lights taking her into the sky about nine months before the little one's birth.

Card no.5's annotation is hilarious too:
First reaction: Oh, what a sweet little girl. Isn't she cute with her little pig tails and her dolly?
And her wings?


And she's on a little cloud.

Oh dear.

It hits: Oh my God, this little girl is dead!

I know this is the theme of this whole section, but here I must reiterate: Who, in their right mind, would send out Christmas cards with a picture of a little dead girl!?!

Cards no.2 & no.8 have nicely been linked with that stick of Santa's. Hehe.
Card no.2:
Look, kids! It's Jolly Ol' St. Nick! Only, Santa isn't really looking so jolly here, is he? In fact, he looks downright angry. Sure, he's lost all that weight, but he's not the "Ho Ho Ho" kind of guy he used to be. He's also taken to carrying a stick everywhere he goes. The elves are nervous.

And the sequel at Card no.8:
Oh, you'd better get down on your knees and pray, all right. You're supposed to be in bed! Santa doesn't like little boys sneaking around while he's working.
And he's still got that stick.

But look at Santa's eyes. He sees the chid's fear and wonders, "What have I become?"

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