Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family with 8 kids moved 12 times within 2 years; yet parents use the money on cigarettes?!

The screenshot above from echoes my disgust. The family may be homeless, but to say they're hopeless is wrong.

Take a look at what it is said in the article:

The family has, since earlier this year, been surviving on welfare.

They get $180 every month for four months from Muis, $60 worth of food vouchers a month for four months from a mosque, $590 a month for three months from the Northwest Community Development Council, $225 every month from the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund, and occasional food rations from the Yishun FSC and other welfare groups.

Despite not having a home, Madam Juliana made sure the family had new clothes to wear during Hari Raya in October.

She also spends on cigarettes.

Read Asiaone, "Homeless...hopeless?"

The article also mentions how picky the parents have been about choosing their jobs.
The couple also rejected several jobs recommended by social workers from various agencies, ranging from cleaning to delivery, citing reasons such as 'workplace too far', 'not suitable' or 'not convenient', said Mr Ravi Philemon, manager of the New Hope Shelter for Displaced Families.

In another article, "Helpless", this situation is further emphasized (apparently many other irresponsible parents use similar excuses of avoiding to take jobs to support their family):
An FSC social worker, who declined to be named, said: 'Community resources are limited, and they need to be used wisely. If families don't want to help themselves, there is little we can do.'

Said Mr Ravi: 'Some say they have no money for food but they spend on cigarettes.'

With a recession on, the situation may only get worse.

Certainly, if attitudes don't change, things are not likely to improve. After all, the community can only help those who help themselves.

So Mr Mohamad Hider Abdul Kabis & Madam Juliana Saib, you two better start to wake up!!


Mustafa said...

Why the bloody hell do they even have 8 kids if they can't afford to support them? Such selfish people only tick me off. They're only thinking of themselves, and not for their children.

Daniel Ling said...

Disclaimer: I do dislike some of those pple who goes around asking for money when they have a cigarette in their hands. I'm a smoker myself and it's not that i despise smoking, but i do not like the fact tat they spend money on cigarette and goes around asking for money.

"Why have so many children when they have no home? Madam Juliana said it was 'God's will' and the children were 'a joy'."

This is a question often post to me when i talk about welfare. More often than not, the critera isn't a home. Mostly they will ask, "Y ve children when they can't afford it?" It's not even about having many, it's about having 2nd or 3rd child.

Sincerely i do not ve a great answer for this, but personally, y is having a child tag to a price tag? I understand tat we can't depend on Gov to pay for us, but the point is even a Average Middle Income like me + wife (Assuming Aver Middle Income) will not ve a easy time having just 1 child.

Thus if we base on the theory "Y ve children when they can't afford it?" How many Child Less Families will there be? If i forget for 1 moment that i'm a Human Being and tat Having a Child should be Tag to a Price Tag, I would NOT hesitate to NOT Have a Child... Just stop thinking as a Human Being and see all the benefits tat will come with Not having a Child. Is tat wat we as a society is looking for? Children as a Investment? (Start Up Cost, Living Cost, End Returns)

Disclaimer: I'm not saying tat we should not plan or tat we shouldn't be prepared to have a child. What I am saying is that even with planning, the expenses to have just 1 child isn't light. I believe that even a Middle Income Couple (2.5k and Below) would not have a easy time. I hope that Couples with Child can help to provide information? A rough estimate of the Couples Income and the Cost of the Baby.

Everything else tat i can say is very base on individual perspectives thus i'll just comment on the 1 thing.

If you might be interested in my views on the same article.