Friday, December 19, 2008

Illeism: Referring to oneself in the third person | Calling for 'illeist' bloggers! Register here, please?

Having read His Food Blog's post on Tenya & seen he introducing his girlfriend in a shoutbox (hi there, dayanmei), I'm curious to find out more about the art of 'referring oneself in third person'.

After a decent amount of googling, I find there is a term for it: Illeism. And the Wikipedia has a list of well-known illeists--past & present, real person & fictional.

Okay, so for the curiousness' sake, I'm thinking of to list 'illeist' bloggers.

I'll start with:
1. His Food Blog
2. Miss Loi
3. The Brainy Bimbo

Any more? (I don't really blog-hop much, I'm afraid. Heh).

Once I'll have a list, say, at least 10 'illeist' bloggers, I'll put it up in the starting page under 'Compilation'. =)

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Miss Loi said...

Miss Loi thinks illeism rules!