Monday, December 15, 2008

My Story of Violence: I kicked the old man out from his bicycle.

And all this happened at the footpath in front of a neighbourhood police station.

Yeah right. I wish that what really happened. But my anger was not enough to cloud my judgement.

Here I was, walking like how others walked when they viewed a pasar malam (night market) stalls. And all of sudden, the old man cycled past me, but not before his bicycle handles hit me.

Instinctively, I steeled myself & thus the old cyclist was the one who lost his balance & dropped. (Not without a price, though, it was kind of painful in my bony right elbow. But the old man should not know about it.)

At first, I was angry & then, I was ashamed of myself that I too caused the old man to drop.

As I rushed to help him to stand up, the old man started to scold me.

Oi, watch out where you walk la!!

That's when the shameful feeling turned back to anger.

The hell I was going to help him. I breathed deeply & shouted back at him.

Hallo! You think we at Tampines arh?!

He looked lost. He was not aware that since mid-2007 in Tampines, pedestrians and cyclists have been sharing footpaths.

As people started staring at us, I continued glaring at the old man.

Courtesy is all fine, indeed. But mine is limited to the one who deserves it. This old man is not in the list.

As he silently stood up with his bicycle, I felt pangs of regret. It was a classic lose-lose situation. I didn't gain any satisfaction of joining a shouting competition against someone--especially not against some old man.


ViciousCycle said...

chey, i tot u seriously knicked him off the bike

Anonymous_X said...

sorry, man. the headline is not always describing the content.