Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pre-school teachers paid less than cleaners?!

But I doubt that we'll see many pre-school teachers quit to become cleaners. And yes, there's no statistics for that yet.

Local kindergarten and childcare teachers are expected to do more than just teach.

However, the common grouse of pre-school teachers here is that their pay does not commiserate with the work that they have to put in.

Their salary is also found to fall behind those paid to clerical staff and waitresses. This has led to many teachers leaving the workforce after a short period of time.


According to the Shin Min Daily News, the starting pay of pre-school teachers here ranges between $1000 and $1200. In Singapore, the pay of a clerical or administrative staff is about $1700, while the wages of a waitress amount to at least $1029 per month.

From Asiaone, "Pre-school teachers paid less than cleaners".

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