Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Top 11 Lamest Blogs!!

To have a lame blog is easy. To be the lamest one, however, requires a lot of effort that it deserves recognition. Take a look at the Top 11 Lamest Blogs!

Even the categories themselves are, uhm, lame:
-Lamest Blog-Based Marketing
-Lamest Actual Celebrity Blog
-Lamest Use of Grammar in a Blog
-Lamest Marketing Posing as a Blog
-Lamest Intentionally Lame Blog
-Lamest Celebrity Worship Blog
-Lamest Fictional Premise Blog
-Lamest Beverage-Inspired Blog
-Lamest Former 'American Idol' Blog
-Lamest Exclusion in a Blog
-Lamest Topic for a Blog

Anyway, congratz for the losers winners!!

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