Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes, "Ip Man"!! (The movie that brings handclaps in the cinema | Why Li Chiu is my favourite character)

Perhaps deep down we all are Chinese. Either that or we just simply hate bullies.

Haha. I love how to hear the audience were clapping during the screening of Ip Man. Can't remember when last I witness such an interaction from audience.

There are a lot of memorable characters in the movie; one I do have to praise openly: the character Li Chiu by Lam Ka-tung.

At first this Li Chiu gives me a bad impression with he as a police officer irresponsibly pointing a gun to Ip Man in the tavern after one commotion between Ip Man & one Master Liu (the latter insists Ip Man to clear his name that he's not defeated in a friendly closed-door duel earlier).

Much later, during the Japanese occupation, Li Chiu apparently works for the Japanese army as a translator. Dressed nice & clean & looking healthy & well-fed, in contrast to the rest of the suffering Chinese--he is easily despised not just by Chinese but also by the audience. However further in the show, it is shown that he just has to be "a Japanese's lackey" to bring home a decent meal for his old mother & family. He earns my sympathy.

He too in a few occasions, helps Ip Man. When Ip Man easily defeats the three Japanese soldiers who visit him (one of whom, by the way, lecherously approaches Ip Man's wife), Li Chiu secretly hides him & his family despite the risk of being found out by the Japanese. This act earns him a few beatings, but he endures it well to be able to bring home that decent meal to his family.

And before the duel between General Miura & Ip Man, he translates rightly the warning that Ip Man will be killed if he's not to lose against the Japanese general.

Spoiler alert: the general is defeated in the end. (I'm not sure if he's killed, though). And the other Japanese (the only one bad guy in the movie actually) attempts to shoot Ip Man. The bullet fails to kill him as Li Chiu manages to push the Japanese & during the wrestle of the weapon, Li Chiu successfully shoots the baddie.

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