Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Top Reasons of Not Joining Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

The latest news has one relatively unknown blogger starting an organization called "Association of Bloggers (Singapore)". My first reaction is that it's a way too early for April Fool's Day joke. But perhaps, they are serious!

So I think myself why I'm reluctant to join the Association of Bloggers (Singapore)--or heck, let me just abbreviate it as ABS, okay? I can think of 5 reasons--do share yours as well in the comment section. Here they're:

1. The ABS president reveals that the association is a legal entity. I don't think they'll welcome with open arms anonymous bloggers like Yours Truly without me saying goodbye to my secret identity. As the president of "Clandestine Regime of Anonymous Bloggers" or--curse you Abbreviation!--CRAB, I appeal anonymous bloggers to stay true to their anonymity & not to join ABS.

2. Even if ABS do welcome us anonymous bloggers, I would think twice--no, thrice--to be apart from my hard-earned money just to be a member. Please la, nowadays it's a difficult time for almost everybody, even a senior civil servant's got scolded for publicising his family's costly vacation holiday! It's said that there's an entrance fee of $50, yearly subscription of $60 for ordinary membership & $100 for corporate membership. No, thank you!

3. I dislike the ABS president's reasoning that the Singapore blogosphere was controlled by foreign bloggers based in Singapore. To quote Homer Simpson, "D'oh!". Really, there's no such thing as Singapore blogosphere or in that sense, [put-a-country name] blogosphere! In reality, 'blogosphere' is not constrained by any country. It's global just like the Internet. Argh, just check out the definition of 'blogosphere', will you?!

4. I too frown upon the ABS president's lame argument that Singaporean bloggers are not united. Hallo?! We are not supposed to be united! The flaming, the discord & the arguments--or some may call them as Blog Wars--are what bringing colours (Red is the colour of the blood shed in any wars) & excitement to Blogosphere.

5. The ABS president has a knack of stating the obvious about how the association's members "should be able to speak up and stand up for justice". Be assured that you don't have to join ABS to exercise that right. You can do that as a blogger not affiliated to any organization. Like me.

So please join "Clandestine Regime of Anonymous Bloggers" or CRAB, the registration doesn't cost you a cent. You won't be given any proof of membership either! Just be true to the motto of our secretive organization, "It's the content that matters, not who writes it!".

Those who are about to blog anonymously, I salute you. (Funny, it sounds kind of similar with "Morituri te salutant". Heh.)

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BLue said...

Well some people are natural born to be united in the right way while others got jealous and trying to be united in the wrong way.

Why blog war??? Why can't we united have peace among bloggers and mind their own business?

Sing doesn't make you a singer, blog doesn't make you a blogger ;)

Ole' Wolvie said...

CRAB? Sign me up dude! I'd rather spend $60 on some delicious ZuwaiGani (Tanner Crab).

And Re: Prev comment,

Incorrect. If you sing, it does make you a singer. Same as for blogging. The noun "singer" does not indicate whether one is bad or good at singing.

PanzerGrenadier said...

I think the Association of Bloggers is a bad idea for those who truly want to help bring about the truth amidst the propaganda spun by our traditional (state controlled) media.

Reports Without Borders put up a very good guide to people who wish to speak truth to power. In Singapore, the powers that are DO NOT WANT to hear the truth. They prefer to package their version of the truth and ram it down the unenlightened masses whose lives are still not touched by the internet.

Those who are serious and surface in Association of bloggers make themselves open targets for the regime to snipe at. Also, from reading that eastcoastlife lady's post, it appears to be more a social club than a serious force for truth in cyberspace.


Anonymous_X said...

BLue: If we're destined to mind our own business, every single blog post we write would have to be tagged personal & inaccessible without a valid password which is never shared to anybody.

Ole'Wolvie: Haha. You're in, man!

PanzerGrenadier: Well said. Would you like to join CRAB? Heh. On a serious note, I don't completely agree with your assertion that Singapore Government "prefer to package their version of the truth and ram it down the unenlightened masses whose lives are still not touched by the internet". First of all, such "unenlightened masses" have already been extinct. Second, it is suicidal for ANY government to really practise Truth-Packaging. It does bad for their credibility & integrity. And it's not that difficult for "enlightened masses" to expose the distorted Truth.

(Peace) be unto you as well.

Mustafa said...

Why do I get the feeling that the ABS is a state-controlled body to regulate blogging in Singapore? Another media vehicle to spin propaganda just like the SPH? To me, blogging is about self-expression. You're just writing about what's in your mind; what bothers you; your opinions on something - it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong.

It may not matter if what you're blogging about is true or not, as long as it's about what your thoughts are about a particular subject.

AcidFlask said...

Join MY bloggers' association! All fees waived, same good feeling. AND, stand a chance to win your own florid title!