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Asian Hot Shots Berlin (13/01/09 - 18/01/09) - TEN Singapore films shown!

Learnt about this event from Holly Jean's post whose brother's short film will be featured there (No, I doubt his 6-minute artwork would be uploaded in his sister's blog). This film festival would be the 2nd one & takes place in the the cinemas Babylon Mitte and Z-inema.

It's very encouraging to know that Singaporeans do participate.

A) In the category of feature films, "Feature::Asia", one creation from Singapore:

1. Gone Shopping
Singapore 2008, Dir.: Li Lin Wee, 97 min

Clara, a ‘tai tai’ (wealthy lady of leisure) faces a mid life crisis and decides to runaway to the only place that has ever made any sense to her – the shopping centres. Here she encounters love and fulfilment, but has to make a choice. With a keen eye and consummate skill, this colourful satirical drama investigates the secret lives of shopping mall dwellers.

'Gone Shopping'

B) In the category of short films, "Short::Asia", there are 8:
1. My Blue Heaven
Singapore 2008, Dir.: Yee-wei Chai, 19 min

Ah Boy watches a porn videotape, and it got stuck. Bad news – his father is on the way home. This is the director’s love letter to his past.

2. 4 Dishes
Singapore 2008, Dir.: Leon Cheo, 7 min

What is it they say about a family which eats together? If Rembrandt were doing short films, they would probably look something like this powerful miniature.

3. The Girl in a Red Sarong
2007, Dir.: Jeremy Sing, 13 min

A national icon worn with grace suits every occasion and can even make for a living. This simple bit of truth captured on 8mm.

4. Stopdelete
2007, Dir.: Shaun Khoo, 3 min

Singapore, possibly, circa 3007: a girl reinvents the future on her typewriter three times over as the climate continues to change…

5. The Inner City
2008, Dir.: Liao Jiekai, 18 min

Three filmmakers on a journey, alien, observing, bound together by friendship and their profession – a deft and poetic film on the archaeology of light.

6. Reflections
Singapore 2007, Dir.: Ho Tzu-Nyen, 13 min

A parable about how man is a creature that perpetually cannot see beyond his own reflection.

7. Bedok Jetty
2008, Dir.: Junfeng Boo, 7 min

Suspended in a limbo of heartache, a boy returns to a space repeatedly to exorcise persistent memories of a failed relationship.

8. Love Me Yesterday
2008, Dir.: Wesley Leon Aroozoo, 6 min

Love Me Yesterday is the tragedy of the loss of unrequited love and the hope of returning back to the day when truth were still lies.

'Singapore Hotshots 1/2'

'Singapore Hotshots 2/2'

C) In the category of queer films, aptly named as "Queer::Asia", 1 curiously-titled submission:
1. Women Who Love Women: Conversations in Singapore
2007, Dir.: Lim Mayling, 65 min

Being different without being (treated) equal – that’s the reality homosexuals face in Singapore. In Lim Mayling’s bold and candid documentary, three young and out lesbians tell their stories and share their experience straight to the camera and unaffected. As anti-gay discrimination is still biting real in the first-world city-state, this film comes with a message.

'Women Who Love Women: Conversations in Singapore'

Well done, Singapore! Hope to see those artworks in the coming 21st Singapore International Film Festival. (Say, any special tickets or free passes for a blogger/reviewer? Heh.)

For more info about Asian Hot Shots Berlin, please check out this official website, "" & the latest news at this blog, "".

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