Friday, January 02, 2009

KL Sex Party, Interrupted -- Why the Unnecessary Need for Secrecy?!

Yes, I'm referring to the concealed identities of the so-called 'noted 22-year-old female newscaster' and the 25-year-old actress who were part of the interrupted sex party in the early morning of New Year's Day.

To think about it, not naming the people involved in that incident is quite contradictary to what Malaysia authority's stand against a sex party.

On the one hand, the government strongly condemns a sex party. On the other hand, here's an opportunity to truly punish & embarrass those who were caught in the party--yet nothing's mentioned about their identities. Why, I wonder.

Is it because the case is still under investigation?

Even if the alleged sex party did not actually happen (after all, only 3 couples were caught lying in the bed with full clothes; they might be just resting after a tiring New Year's Eve celebration. Right....), the fact that they consumed drugs & tested positive for that should be enough for their identities to be mentioned clearly in the article.

The wrong impression that the news gives is that because they're prominent figures, their identities would be protected to prevent further humiliation.

Sources (from Asiaone):
1. Newscaster and actress among 26 busted at sex party:

KUALA LUMPUR: A noted female newscaster and an actress were among 26 people caught in a sex party at a hotel in Jalan P. Ramlee here early yesterday morning.

The women also tested positive for drugs, sources said.

As of 10pm yesterday, they were still being detained at the police headquarters along with the others. Their ages range from 18 to 31.

Apparently, the 22-year-old newscaster is engaged and is due to be married next week. She has been reading news for a private television station for about a year.

The 25-year-old actress has apparently played a role in a movie made by a famous director.

2. New Year's Eve bash: Drugs, sex and very drunk youths a recipe for trouble:
The party was in full swing when the police team knocked on the door of the 11th floor serviced apartment in Jalan P. Ramlee here at about 3am.

They rounded up 26 highly-intoxicated youths, some of whom broke down and cried while a few others tried to resist arrest.

The police team, led by ASP Mahani Ahmad from the city's anti-vice, gaming and secret society unit, found two couples on a bed, while the others were either dancing or lying on the floor.

The unit was fitted with disco lights and loud music was blaring from two speakers at a makeshift DJ console.

Condoms, beer cans and half-eaten pizzas were strewn all over the floor.

It was learnt that the function, which youths nowadays call a "sex party", was disguised as a New Year gathering.

The raiding team also seized an undisclosed amount of syabu and ketamine from the rented unit.

Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah said 18 men and eight women were arrested in the raid.

He said nine of them, including the female newscaster, actress and the female DJ, also tested positive for drugs.

The detainees are said to be in their 20s with the majority of them being college and university students. One is said to be a medical student.

The newscaster with a cable news network was said to be a regular face on television.

The actress is also a regular in several dramas produced by a popular local production house.


Ole' Wolvie said...

I don't really bother that they were not named. In fact, I'd rather that none of them be named. Chasing after sex parties among consenting adults? A waste of police resource. They should be out catching shoplifters or something.

I'm more bothered on why in similar cases, it is always the females who are named first.

Anonymous_X said...

Catching shoplifters will be hardly thrilling for any law enforcers, man.

PS. even if the prominent figures caught are one male newscaster & one actor--and their identities too are somehow not revealed--I'll raise the same concern as well.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Agreed. Why all this moral policing stuff. don't the police /authorities have better things to do? Real criminals to catch. Especially in Malaysia, where robberies, snatch thieves, rapist, mat rempits.... are so rampant. And the police main excuse is there is lack of man power. Now we know the truth......

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