Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Little Nyonya -- Alternate Endings

Hmm...if the Channel 8 TV series, "The Little Nyonya" is ever made into DVD, all the endings (inclusive of the 5 alternate ones) should be made as viewers' options. (Update: there is indeed DVD version of the show on sale started yesterday--but I've no idea whether the different endings would be offered.)

The actual end of the show is the little nyonya, Yueniang "abandons the love of her life (namely Chen Xi), leaving him to think she died in a fire. Then she goes off to marry a British lawyer". That's realism? Some do not think so.

It might lead to another article sharing about how the scriptwriter, Mr Ang Eng Tee mulled over various options for how the drama would have ended:

1) Chen Xi and Yueniang eventually get married and live happily ever after.

2) Chen Xi vanishes into thin air and returns many years later to be reunited with Yueniang. Throughout the years, the latter remains single.

3) Chen Xi marries someone else and they have a happy life. Yueniang also marries and has her own happy life.

4) Chen Xi thinks that Yueniang is dead but she still loves and cares for him secretly. He falls ill and almost dies. In the hospital, he sees Yueniang visiting him but he thinks that he is imagining things. She finally reveals she is still alive.

5) There is a fire and Yueniang is trapped. Chen Xi saves her and end up being together.

Vote your choice & view the poll result: here.

The scenario no.3 appeals to me most. Hey, I believe in a happy ending as well as the need to 'move on' if things just don't work out. The Poll result, however, shows that it's the least desirable option. Haha.

PS. Check out as well the Wikipedia article on "The Little Nyonya" which includes the criticisms on the show especially about the illogical storyline & loopholes.

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