Friday, January 09, 2009

New EZ-Link Card: No Deposit, but need MINIMUM balance for travel???

Today marks the start of the ez-link card replacement. I came across one notice board (the photo below; quite proud that I managed to time for one lady to walk across in the background. Heh) & I must admit that I was (and still am!) confused about the so-called parts of "No Deposit" & "Minimum Balance for Travel".

Are they not referring to the same thing? The new ez-link card does not require any deposit, however there will be minimum balance needed for travel (For MRT it will be $3 & for bus, the amount varies--although it's recommended to have minimum of $3). And no, they're not "Deposit". They are "Minimum Balance".

Arrgh. My brain cells experience spontaneous combustion.

Read more in Straits Times, "New ez-link cards out Friday". Also do note that the replacement of the ez-link card would end on 30 Sept 2009. (Note to self: Remember this date!)

Update on 10/01/09: Nearly 40,000 new ez-link cards distributed on first day

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