Friday, January 09, 2009

Shoplette in the -- Do you notice what's wrong with this screenshot?!

The screenshot above is taken this morning about 9:15 AM. The article is "Shoplette in the News" & has only 2 "Reads"--one is by me (a_x).

However, the interesting part is that there have been 7 "Pongs" by 7 pingsters. Now if they are really of different people, we would have expected that there would be at least 7 "Reads". But these 7 "Pongs" apparently only leads to 1 "Read".

Go figure.

Screenshot of 9:30 AM

"Shoplette in the News" is at present (circa 9:30 AM) in the Most Popular in the last 24 hours with 8 Pongs and 2 Reads. Wow...I'm so envious with the miracle! Heh.


uzyn said...

There were clones (by a single user) trying to pong his/her friend post to the top.

Actions have been taken.

Nice spot!

Anonymous_X said...

Haha. No problem. =) It does give something for me to blog about.