Sunday, January 18, 2009

Watch 1-hour show of "The Little Nyonya's Big Reunion" on Lunar New Year Day!

The hard-core fans of the TV series, "The Little Nyonya" may want to take note of date & the timing (26/01, 7 pm on Channel 8). Or if you're positive that you'll miss it, you may want to check out the sneak peeks of the program (there're 4 of them so far) in this Facebook site dedicated for "The Little Nyonya". But knowing MediaCorp's style, I won't be surprised the telecast would have a repeat broadcast.

The reunion show is hosted by Dasmond Kah whose blog also has a lot of photos of the program. Take a look at his posts: here & here. Dasmond's camera is very powerful one. Heh.

Good news for fans of MediaCorp's television blockbuster "The Little Nyonya" – stars of the production will gather once more for a big reunion on Lunar New Year's Day.

The one-hour show will go back in time to every memorable moment during the filming of the drama serial and the actors will explain the outcome and fate of the characters that they played.

Besides never-before-seen footage, viewers can also check out the Peranakan dishes that were featured in the show.

The reunion will be telecast on Lunar New Year's Day, January 26, at 7pm on Channel 8.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Stars from "The Little Nyonya" gather for big reunion".

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