Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watch the 3-minute special, "The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter"!

It will be shown at 9.55 pm on Channel 8 on January 11. That is tomorrow. It is gonna be interesting because the so-called final chapter would only take about 3 minutes. Brevity is the name of the game. And none would want to see it lengthen unnecessarily. Just say good bye & move on, you two!!

Star-crossed lovers Yue Niang and Chen Xi will meet again after their separation at the railway track.

Producers of the popular Chinese drama worked on the story just days after the finale of the series on January 5.

The script for the capsule was finalised on January 8 and filming was completed the following day.

The production of such a capsule is a first for Channel 8 and producers said it was due to overwhelming viewer response.

From Channel NewsAsia, ""The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter" to air on Channel 8 this Sunday".

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