Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What is the difference between "a lover" and "a boyfriend"?

Out of the blue, a colleague of mine raised this question. It's good that she did that through an email for I was stunned for quite some time. What, is she trying to be philosophical or something?

I too suspected that the email was sent wrongly. Oh well, to avoid further embarrassment on both side (especially on hers!), I adopt a wait-and-see approach. If that email is really meant for me, I shall allow her a chance to do necessary follow-up.

And meantime, I can continue pondering what the difference is between "a lover" and "a boyfriend". *roll eyes*


Ole' Wolvie said...

Welp, depending on the society's general acceptance level, "a lover" would tend to have a negative nuance. I feel that it tends to be more casual and generic. For example, "a lover" can be either male, female, or both! (Personal preference, aye.)

Also, tradionally, one can be "a boyfriend" without sexual relations until he turns into "a husband", by when the wife could, if she wish, confide with her buddies that her hubby's "a great lover".

Phsaw~ humans. Much easier being a wolv.

Anonymous_X said...

Haha...that's a good insight & obvious one at that! "A lover" can be either male or female whereas "a boyfriend" can only be...male! I'm so enlightened. ;)