Saturday, February 28, 2009

Channel NewsAsia turns 10 on March 1

I've visited their 10th Anniversary microsite. Quite interesting to learn the 10 trivia about Channel NewsAsia.

MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia turns 10 on March 1 with a series of new initiatives on-air and online.

First up is the 10th Anniversary microsite, where viewers can revisit the top stories of the past decade and vote for what they think should make the Top 10.

They can also test their knowledge of the channel and even send in their birthday wishes.

The coming months will also see a varied programme line-up that showcases the best of Asia, its people, places and physical feats.

This includes a five-part series on Asia's most successful brands, premiering March 3.

MediaCorp's managing director for News, Woon Tai Ho said: "We made it to 10 years. It is a significant milestone considering we were a latecomer compared to well-established global news channels. We are now known for providing a viable alternative to these channels."

Channel NewsAsia was formed in 1999 in the midst of the Asian financial crisis. Since then, it has become the leading broadcaster in the region giving viewers an Asian perspective.

Its programmes and news coverage have also gone on to win multiple regional and international awards, including a silver for at the New York Festivals earlier this year.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Channel NewsAsia celebrates 10 years with online and on-air initiatives".

What TOP GUN is really about by Quentin Tarantino

TOP GUN is a gay movie. Yes. Quentin Tarantino presents a compelling argument in this video clip. So, do you agree with him?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

NY Post cartoon of dead chimpanzee refers to Obama???

See the cartoon here & decide yourself if there's other interpretation...The article, "NY Post cartoon of dead chimpanzee stirs outrage" says it right, actually.

More about the chimpanzee, Travis:

She fed the chimpanzee the finest food, and even wine.

They took baths together and cuddled in the bed they shared.

The chimp brushed her hair every night and pined for her when she was away.

When she left the house alone, it gave her a kiss. But when she left with someone, it would become jealous.

That was the intimate relationship Ms Sandra Herold shared with her 15-year-old chimpanzee, Travis.

Could this intimacy have caused the 90kg chimp to suddenly and savagely attack its owner's friend, MsCharla Nash, 55, on Monday in Stamford, Connecticut?

Experts believe it is possible, reported The Australian.

Travis was shot dead by the police, but not before badly mauling Ms Nash's face and hands. She is in critical but stable condition.

Experts say the unusually close relationship between Ms Herold and Travis would have been confusing for any animal.

'This is a crazy relationship,' said Mr Stephen Rene Tello, executive director of Texas chimp sanctuary, Primarily Primates.

'He was probably bonded with her. I can kind of see it in his eyes this is his surrogate mother.

'If there is another person entering his space, he might consider it a threat to his territory, or even his mate.'

Mental health professionals say a strong bond between pet owners and their animals is generally good as it can be therapeutic and comforting.

The boundaries get blurred, however, when owners treat the animals like humans rather than pets, and expect a reciprocal relationship.

Chimp like a surrogate child

Mr David Baron, chairman of the Temple University School of Medicine's psychiatry department, said in cases such as Ms Herold's, the grief of losing loved ones could have made it easy for her to view Travis as a surrogate child and friend.

Her husband died in 2004 and her only daughter was killed in a car accident several years ago.

Mr Baron said: 'I wouldn't say she shouldn't have a pet, but this may be something that should be looked at as part of a grief reaction that's beyond normal.'

Ms Herold had Travis, who once starred in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola, since it was 31/2 years old.

She was known to buckle it in her car for rides and dress it in baseball shirts.

Travis was also toilet-trained, dressed itself, took its own bath, ate at the table and drank wine from a stemmed glass.

It also brushed its teeth, logged on to the computer to look at pictures, and watched TV using the remote control.

Mr Don Mecca, a family friend, said Ms Herold fed Travis steak, lobster, ice-cream and Italian food.

Night of attack

The widow had tried to rescue Ms Nash by stabbing the chimp with a kitchen knife and hitting it with a shovel.

'I stabbed something I raised as a son,' she said later.

'He couldn't have been more my son than if I'd given birth to him.'

She told NBC's Today Show: 'He looked at me like, 'Mom, what did you do?'

Mr Earl Mason, whose son married Ms Herold's daughter, recalled when Ms Herold got Travis. The chimp would ride a tricycle.

'He grew up like a youngster,' Mr Mason said. 'He did everything a kid would do. He was a cute little guy.'

But Mr Mason was amazed at Travis' strength even as a baby. When the chimp jumped on him, Mr Mason said it would slam into his chest.

Mr Mecca said Ms Herold knew chimps became more difficult to handle as they got older, but she could not bear to part with her beloved pet. And by most accounts, Travis was also well-behaved and well-trained.

But, Mr Mecca said: 'I think (Travis) was lost. He belongs in the jungle with the rest of them.'

And Ms Nash was not the first person Travis had attacked.

Ms Leslie Mostel Paul said that in 1996, the chimp had grabbed her hand and bit it until it bled.

Travis was sitting in Ms Herold's car in a parking lot. Ms Paul said she had tried to shake its hand after MsHerold gave her permission to say hello.

Ms Paul said she reported the incident to the police but got no follow-up calls.

'I told them this was serious,' she said. 'If it was a child, it could have ripped the hand off or an arm out of a socket.'

In an earlier interview with NBC television, she said: 'I honestly believe if they had followed through, maybe the laws would have been changed sooner and this other woman wouldn't be in the hospital, fighting for her life now.'

The police said they have no record of any complaint, apart from a 2003 incident in which Travis escaped from a vehicle and led police on a two-hour chase before it was caught.

It is not sure if Ms Herold will face criminal charges. Connecticut law allows her to own the chimp as a pet, though several state leaders are now calling for tighter restrictions.

But Ms Herold has lambasted the media for its portrayal of her relationship with Travis, reported Connecticut newspaper The Hartford Courant.

She had been described as a 'lonely widow' whose relationship with Travis was 'closer than some spouses'.

The New York Post reported: 'Even if there was no monkey-panky, pals say they were intimate.'

Ms Herold dismissed the suggestion of a sexual relationship as absurd.

'Did I love him? Did I bathe with him? Did I sleep with him?' she said angrily.

'I bathed with him when he was a baby.'

When she was approached by two reporters on Friday, she lashed out at them.

From The New Paper, "Jealous chimp, 'crazy relationship'".

ZUJI Reverse Auction -- A curious (and possibly MUCH cheaper) way to choose your flight!!

Check out Zuji Reverse Auction here. Currently it has $1672.00 as starting price for 2 return tickets to Brisbane on Etihad Airways. At the time this post is written, the bid price is $$1611.89.

Might worth trying. Especially if one likes the excitement of bidding & winning something. (I miss Yahoo! Auction. Sigh...)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Late & furious: YouTube clip of a woman missed her flight at HK airport--truly an online hit

I read the news, "HK airport fury an online hit" & I couldn't resist not to check out the YouTube clip, "A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA".

The video which by the way has 129,917 hits (as per 16/02, 2:36 AM) is indeed incredible: the woman was truly furious! She ran screaming towards the departure gate & bounced off a female security guard after she learned that her flight has been closed. She then starts banging a desk before collapsing to the floor and rolling around, while maintaining a high-pitched wail. A man unsuccessfully tries to comfort her and get her off the floor, but the shrill screaming continues. (Read more in Asiaone, "HK airport fury an online hit".)

Am I amused of the woman's plight of failing to catch her flight? (Sorry, the urge to use 'plight' and 'flight' in the same sentence is just irresistible.) Not really. Actually I'm more entertained reading how the comments posted in the YouTube clip, "A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA".

Like this one from jyip12:

she said something on the lines of 'the plane hasn't left, the plane hasn't left.... how am i going to get back " then she said to the guy in the tie "I told you... I told you..... before i wanted to go and you didn't let me" the old man was trying to comfort her, and staff kind being n in a cynical way saying don't worry we got another plane we will organise it for you. But his tone sounded like "yeah whateva"

And this comment from joytutor:
Moot proof that we really don't have ALL the nut balls in America. Maybe most, but not all. "Grief?" Actually, reason and emotion mix like oil and water. I've no idea about her mix, but if they have lawyers as we have, filming showed intelligent cover for whatever "emotional" claims might be made against persons trying to do their jobs as best and compassionately as they're able. Regardless, this is still a walking Fruit Loop who escaped the cereal box.

Likewise from quikatb:
Just imagine waking up with this woman, I bet her family is so proud.

Also from dsgilly:
Thats odd, Chinese security is nicer than in the good old USA! They would have drug her off as a terrorist and sent her to gitmo. Water boarding, tasers I have been treated worse by security at US airports for having an old bottle of pop in the bottom of our baby stroller. Great I will probably end up on some no fly list after this post.

And from tubester4567:
Ya, i understand this. I react like that when i die playing Xbox.

And from JaX2MiLz:
Just like Stan from South Park would say: "Holy shit dude...".

And from JohnstonsJungle:
Such drama.
Such acting.
She should take up soccer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Be mournful, you sickos! Amazon has banned a "rape" computer game, "RapeLay"

I read about the review of the game, "RapeLay" (basically it's a Japanese computer game that lets players simulate raping girls) & I must admit I'm curious. Not. Okay, just kidding.

I really am curious. I'm intrigued about how 'creatively' sick some people can be (that goes to the team who design the game & those who buy it). Of course, it's their money & they have the right to spend it as they like. (With the same logic, it's my blog & I can criticize these sickos as I like. Heh.)

Oh the very least, it's a good thing that Amazon yanked "Rapelay" from its virtual shelves.

Update on 08/05: Japan software firm shrugs off rape game protests. With such an arrogant game maker, would there be really any customers (besides the sickos) buying this "Rapelay"?

A Japanese computer game maker on Friday dismissed a protest by US rights campaigners against the game "RapeLay", which lets players simulate sexual violence against females.

New York-based Equality Now launched a campaign this week "against rape simulator games and the normalisation of sexual violence in Japan".

It urged activists to write in protest to the maker and Prime Minister Taro Aso, arguing the game breaches Japan's obligations under the 1985 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

The Yokohama-based games manufacturer Illusion brushed off the campaign.

"We are simply bewildered by the move," said spokesman Makoto Nakaoka. "We make the games for the domestic market and abide by laws here. We cannot possibly comment on (the campaign) because we don't sell them overseas."

Players earn points for acts of sexual violence, including stalking girls on commuter trains, raping virgins and their mothers, and forcing females to get abortions, according to the group's online statement.

Japan, often criticised as a major producer of child pornography, in 1999 banned the production, distribution and commercial use of sexually arousing photos, videos and other materials involving those aged under 18.

However, the law did not criminalise possession of such materials, and the ban also failed to cover child porn in animation and computer graphics, often categorised as 'hentai' (pervert).

US online retail giant Amazon in February took RapeLay off its websites after receiving complaints but clips of the game were still available this week on popular video sharing websites.

A Japan Committee for UNICEF spokeswoman said the Japanese loophole hindered international efforts to crack down on child porn.

"In this globalised world, connected via the Internet, even one loophole could jeopardise all the regulations," she said. "The world trend is to try to ban even the accessing and looking at websites of virtual images."

A spokeswoman for the Japanese government's gender equality bureau said the office "realises the problem is there"

"While we recognise that some sort of measures need to be taken, the office is currently studying what can be done," she said.

From Asiaone, "Japan software firm shrugs off rape game protests".

6 Success Strategies for a Bad Economy

Titled "6 Success Strategies for a Bad Economy", this MSN Careers article by Robert Half International is actually generic and thus, applicable for all.

To expose or not to expose... under-expose?! The first photo was taken with the minimum exposure (of "-2") & the second photo with the zero exposure. The latter failed to have the sun captured in the picture whereas the former got the sun nicely (if I may say) but with the dark foreground objects.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The CEO salary cap is a joke

Jim Jubak explains why.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chage & Aska: "Say Yes", the theme song complete with an endearing blooper for 101st Proposal

An adorable (just check out the plot) 12-episode Japanese drama, "Hyakuikkaime no Puropozu" or "101st Proposal", I must say beforehand I never watched it. But I always love how the theme song, "Say Yes".

Happened to browse around YouTube & did mindless browsing when I eventually found a clip by the singers Chage & Aska who performed live the song in some kind of a concert.

Take a look at the clip. It's complete with a blooper (watch for the clip as it hits "2:05" time onwards). One of the singer forgot the lyric & made it up & the other singer was shot grinnng & laughing. Later the singer who did the mistake immediately turned back & asked the musicians to stop & redo the part.

And the best part is? The audience were seen clapping & encouraging with their cheers. They just had a great time like the singers did. Heh.