Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chage & Aska: "Say Yes", the theme song complete with an endearing blooper for 101st Proposal

An adorable (just check out the plot) 12-episode Japanese drama, "Hyakuikkaime no Puropozu" or "101st Proposal", I must say beforehand I never watched it. But I always love how the theme song, "Say Yes".

Happened to browse around YouTube & did mindless browsing when I eventually found a clip by the singers Chage & Aska who performed live the song in some kind of a concert.

Take a look at the clip. It's complete with a blooper (watch for the clip as it hits "2:05" time onwards). One of the singer forgot the lyric & made it up & the other singer was shot grinnng & laughing. Later the singer who did the mistake immediately turned back & asked the musicians to stop & redo the part.

And the best part is? The audience were seen clapping & encouraging with their cheers. They just had a great time like the singers did. Heh.

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