Monday, February 16, 2009

Late & furious: YouTube clip of a woman missed her flight at HK airport--truly an online hit

I read the news, "HK airport fury an online hit" & I couldn't resist not to check out the YouTube clip, "A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA".

The video which by the way has 129,917 hits (as per 16/02, 2:36 AM) is indeed incredible: the woman was truly furious! She ran screaming towards the departure gate & bounced off a female security guard after she learned that her flight has been closed. She then starts banging a desk before collapsing to the floor and rolling around, while maintaining a high-pitched wail. A man unsuccessfully tries to comfort her and get her off the floor, but the shrill screaming continues. (Read more in Asiaone, "HK airport fury an online hit".)

Am I amused of the woman's plight of failing to catch her flight? (Sorry, the urge to use 'plight' and 'flight' in the same sentence is just irresistible.) Not really. Actually I'm more entertained reading how the comments posted in the YouTube clip, "A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA".

Like this one from jyip12:

she said something on the lines of 'the plane hasn't left, the plane hasn't left.... how am i going to get back " then she said to the guy in the tie "I told you... I told you..... before i wanted to go and you didn't let me" the old man was trying to comfort her, and staff kind being n in a cynical way saying don't worry we got another plane we will organise it for you. But his tone sounded like "yeah whateva"

And this comment from joytutor:
Moot proof that we really don't have ALL the nut balls in America. Maybe most, but not all. "Grief?" Actually, reason and emotion mix like oil and water. I've no idea about her mix, but if they have lawyers as we have, filming showed intelligent cover for whatever "emotional" claims might be made against persons trying to do their jobs as best and compassionately as they're able. Regardless, this is still a walking Fruit Loop who escaped the cereal box.

Likewise from quikatb:
Just imagine waking up with this woman, I bet her family is so proud.

Also from dsgilly:
Thats odd, Chinese security is nicer than in the good old USA! They would have drug her off as a terrorist and sent her to gitmo. Water boarding, tasers I have been treated worse by security at US airports for having an old bottle of pop in the bottom of our baby stroller. Great I will probably end up on some no fly list after this post.

And from tubester4567:
Ya, i understand this. I react like that when i die playing Xbox.

And from JaX2MiLz:
Just like Stan from South Park would say: "Holy shit dude...".

And from JohnstonsJungle:
Such drama.
Such acting.
She should take up soccer.

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