Monday, March 09, 2009

Who already watched the Watchmen? (Clues for Watchmen's 10-minute exclusive trailer: "6 minutes till midnight")

Ever since the trailer of the movie, Watchmen is released (thanks, YouTube!), I have been waiting for the show. Sure the graphic novel (also titled, Watchmen) from which the film is adapted is GREAT, but I'm willing to change my mind & give the movie a try.

Well, I do enjoy the movie, Watchmen. Guess the trick is not to expect too much & not to consciously compare the film against the graphic novel.

Still I'm a little bit disappointed that in the Watchmen's film version, Rorschach was shown to kill directly the guy who killed the kidnapped girl. C'mon, he's a hero! Even though he's depicted as a bit psycho or sadist, a hero would never kill. Well, not directly. (In the Watchmen's graphic novel version, Rorschach would handcuff the bad guy's one arm & give him a cleaver. Rorschach allows him to escape the imminent fire (he pours oil in the bad guy's house) but with a price: the guy has to cut his arm with the cleaver. (Yes, the film, "Saw" comes to mind.)

On the other hand, the Watchmen's movie on Rorschach in prison is superb. It stays true with the graphic novel's version. I love how fast Rorschach assessed the situation. Remember the part when he's queuing for his meal & he pondered on that pot full of hot fat? It is as if he was wondering if he could use it if he were to be attacked by one of the inmates.

And he was attacked.

And he used the opportunity to violently punish the attacker. That pot full of hot fat was thrown to his face. Rorschach's message was clear. Like he himself stated to the rest of the astonished inmates: "You people don't understand. I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!"

Okay, that should be it. No more spoilers.

Watchmen is a recommended show & it's good enough to make me want to to visit its official website, Watchmen Movie & try unlocking 6 clues in "6 minutes till midnight" to see the 10-minute long interactive Watchmen trailer.

I did bad in identifying images leading to the clues, so after a little search online, I came to the clues as: face (will unlock the trailer for The Comedian), gun (that for Ozymandias), fedora (for Rorschach), girl (for Silk Spectre), glasses (for Nite Owl) and helicopter (for Dr. Manhattan).

Downloaded an 'exclusive' photo of Rorschach too after the trailer. Heh.

There are other differences between Watchmen's the movie & Watchmen's the graphic novel. I leave it to you to watch & read it respectively to figure it out. (Or the other easy way is to read the Wikipedia on Watchmen (film) & compare it with the Wikipedia on Watchmen (graphic novel).

Talking about Wikipedia, Rorschach is the only Watchmen's character that has a Wikipedia article dedicated just for him. Read also about the Wikipedia entry on the psychological test, Rorschach inkblot test.

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