Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Any (Dream) Job Will Do!!

With the current bleak economy situation, who can fill their stomachs with merely idealism? Although I must admit I fully agree with this article by Mr Wang Say So, "Learn from the Regrets of the Flatulence Analyst"--in which the blogger urges the fresh graduates to think twice about following the advice from the Manpower Minister Mr. Gan Kim Yong to “take up any job that is available”--I have to admit also that if I were one of the fresh graduates & I am still unemployed just because I have not clinched that dream job, I'll have to swallow my pride & indeed eventually to take up any job that is available.

The thing is that I may not know that the job I "anyhow take because I'm so desperate" will turn out to be a dream job too. A job that I might be very much enjoying despite the initial humiliation derived from the realization that the job is taken only because I'm desperate--and not to mention that I might even and very likely have to settle for lower pay. A job that I can excel & develop myself.

Of course it may turn out to be a bad dream job as well.

But hey, if that's the case, I could always choose any other job that is available & repeat the cycle.

If it turns out to be a dream job, good for me!

If not, start again hunting for the next job that is available! (I begin to sound like a broken record...)

And who knows by then (after so many cycles of persistently securing those jobs one after another), the economy does recover & I'll be able to apply the job that I'm truly aiming for.

All the best for the fresh graduates out there! Don't give up. Oh, and you might want to read this article, "Any job will do" from guardian.co.uk about how Helienne Lindvall has taken on all kinds of jobs in order to pursue her musical ambitions.

PS. Okay, so perhaps I'm somewhat influenced by the song, "Any Dream Will Do". Check out the Lee Mead full official "Any Dream Will Do" video in YouTube here.

PPS. By the way, there's nothing wrong with lower pay. At least according to this Straits Times article, "Why settle for lower pay?":

Career consultants and placement agencies say those who are over-qualified for their new jobs and have to take a pay cut often do well in their new careers and are promoted more quickly.

Lower pay is better than no pay at all. And it really is just a matter of adjusting your lifestyle if you have to endure that 'lower pay'.

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